Rockin’ Around the Clock

Last week, spring seemed to have sprung.  Temps in the high 60’s and sunshine.  So we made hay.  Not literally, but we got work done while the weather cooperates.  Landscaping the back yard.  Montana is dry and our lot is essentially a dirt pile, so we’ve decided to use rock to help cut down the dust.  Boy, our house gets dusty quickly!

Boulders from our property at the base make a natural retaining wall.


Close to the pool house, we have to build stairs to connect to the stairs to nowhere.


After lining with weed-proof plastic, we layered large crushed limestone.


And filled in the gaps with small crushed limestone, meeting up with the stream and waterfall.  Later this year, we can add plantings to soften the slope and add interest.


Over the weekend we tested the waterfall.  (More about it soon).  And love it.  The sound, the look, it’s relaxing.

Once we get rest of the rock on the hill, we hope to pour our concrete patio.  Because right now we’ve got a dirt/mud pit.


Who’s excited to spend more time outdoors?  I don’t know it I’ll want to leave the yard once we’re done.

4 thoughts on “Rockin’ Around the Clock

  1. When I saw the first picture I thought you had planted some pretty blue creeping phlox since rock had a blueish cast to it. Nice job.

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