Leather Cord Cuff

Cords.  We’ve got a mess of chargers for various electronics: phones, computers, cameras, even table lamps.  Here’s a super quick, no sew, and cute way to keep those cords controlled.  Start with a scrap of leather and good scissors.


Cut the leather into strips.  For bigger cords, go wider, but mine is about an inch wide by six inches long.  Trim the ends in a cute pattern (at an angle, fringe, whatever tickles your pickle).  Then fold one end over and cut a slit running lengthwise with the strip.


At the other end, cut two small notches perpendicular to the slit, not quite to the center.


Wrap your cord up and insert the end through the hole.


Done, an easy way to corral those cords at home or on the go.


Of course you could change this up by adding a snap or button.  Or make several to use as napkin rings.  Happy Friday, too!  Whatcha doing this weekend?  And special plans for Mother’s day?

Because Call My Maybe came on while writing this, here’s a video to give you a laugh this Friday.

6 thoughts on “Leather Cord Cuff

  1. You are so clever. Why are we not in the same town? I know we would be hunting Goodwill and coming up with plenty of projects if we did. I love this idea. Do I have leather though? YUP!!!

    1. Hey Caity!

      Seriously, we should live close to each other! It would be awesome to have a thrifting and crafting buddy! Now, go make some cord cuffs. 🙂


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