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I’ve mentioned before we’re working on landscaping our yard.  Right now, that includes tons and tons and tons (quite literally) of rock.  Rock is perfect for us because so much of our property is steep, hard-to-mow hill and sun-baked southern exposure.  Oh, and we’re way too cheap to pay hundreds of dollars a month just to keep grass green.  Hooray for saving water and money!  While the rock has many benefits for us, it still isn’t green.  And let’s face it, green = life.


Although, I did transplant a few creeping evergreens up on our back hillside.  A touch of green, but we’ve got a long way to go.


The plan is to add plants after spreading all the rock (so we don’t crush our plants in the process).  Sadly, that may have to wait until next spring when a greater variety of plants is available.  Until then, I’m using Sprout It to help plan our attack.  Sprout It is a new, free iTunes app that helps find the best plants to use based on space, lifestyle, weather conditions, and growing difficulty.  Basically, it takes the guess-work out of choosing plants.

Even more exciting, Sprout It is giving fans a chance to win a backyard revamp!  Everyone has a space in their yard that needs some help.  I’ve really got my eye on this spot:


Big ole pile of dirt, just waiting to get plowed over, rocked, and planted.  I’m thinking a variety of shade plants like hostas, bleeding hearts, ferns, and lily of the valley.  But really, our whole yard could count.  Do you have a needs help spot, too?   Well, the Sprout It Backyard Takeover contest is a super fun way for you to get involved.

Sprout It Grow Inspired

Anytime between now and July 2, upload a picture to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GrowInspired, then visit the Sprout It page to claim your photo and officially enter the contest.  One grand prize winner, to be announced on July 10, will receive a free backyard design from Chris Loves Julia and a $1,000 Lowe’s or Home Depot gift card to make it happen.  Sign me up!

Obviously this yard can use a plan and plants.  Because this is the greenest place in the yard:


Something needs to change, stat.

I know this seems like a sponsored post, but I’m  not being paid to share this info.  Just think it’s a fun contest and want to spread the word.  What are you waiting for?  Hop on Instagram to add your photo and get in on the action.

3 thoughts on “Grow Inspired

  1. Oh my your yard has so much potential!! Love all the rocks. My hubby and I are rock addicts LOL.

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