Deck Dynasty

Hey everyone!  Welcome to Monday.  Did you have a nice holiday weekend?  Let me just say, four-day weekends are awesome.  We got some work done and still had time to relax.  Much of our weekend work took place outside.  Landscaping.  Adding more rock in preparation for next spring’s plants.  Before finishing up the back landscape work, we had to cut the uneven ends off the back deck.  Because this is a safety issue.


Ben borrowed a neat beam cutting blade from a contractor friend to get through the thick wood.  We snapped a chalk line and set up our cut guide.  Straight two by fours raised the blade from the ground and Ben cruised along, cutting the excess off while I used the shop vac to blow away the dust.


Now we’ve got clean ends.


And a safe, straight-edged deck.


Hopefully weather will coöperate (not too hot and no rain) with us to finish it completely.  A finish sanding, pressure wash, dry time, and protective coat are all necessary before we can start using this space.


Because the back yard is a dirty dust bowl, we need to cover the dirt before our finish coat on the deck.  Dirt settling in our new deck coat is not the goal here.  So, yesterday, we added limestone chips.


Before spreading the chips, Ben dug a small trench for a future gas line for the fire pit to be.  Hence the bucket covering the tubes.  We’re so excited for this space.  A little more rock to spread, fire pit to install, deck to seal, and plants and we’ll be done.


I’m thinking flowers along the large rocks.  Maybe salvia?  It grows really well here and the purple would look so nice against the rock.


Here’s the slight cantilever detail, too.  The deck is about eight inches above the rock, which is a perfect step height.


There’s one disappointing deviation from plans.  This is the only pergola you’ll see back here.


After a lot of measuring, we’ve nixed the idea.  Wop, wop.  Everything will block the view of our back yard, one of our favorite features of this house.  But all is not lost.  We’re discussing a front deck pergola to give much-needed shade.

What did you do this weekend?  In addition to landscape work, we had a relaxing Friday lunch, watched fireworks from our back yard, and had a barbeque.

14 thoughts on “Deck Dynasty

    1. Hey Shavonda!

      Thanks so much! With each thing we finish, we’re falling more and more in love with this space. Can’t wait to get it done and start using it!!


  1. It’s a pretty awesome deck space! You can’t beat a wooden deck!
    An easy alternatives for needed shade are (sailcloth?) Sorry, i’m not completely fluent in english and i don’t know the translation for what i’m thinking about, so i set up a small pinterest board with the meaning in pictures…
    You can remove it easily (for winter and such..)
    Well, that’s just a thought.
    Good work anyway!

  2. Looking great. I feel your pain on the pergola. We just bought a house and we have a nice big deck on the back that turns into a broiler for most of the day time. We love to entertain so finding some sort of shade solution is necessary. Unfortunately new house means lots of new expenses (we went from a tiny 2 bd apartment to a pretty large 4bd house), so we might have to wait until next year to buy a pergola or some type of gazebo/awning. Those suckers are expensive or maybe it just feels that way since we have been burning piles of money trying to fill empty rooms.

    1. Hey Angie!

      Yes, it stinks! Finding something to provide shade that holds up to elements is tricky. Especially when you can’t/won’t spend a small fortune on it. Let me know what you figure out, please!


  3. Man, that is one good looking deck! I’ve worked on our deck the past two summers. We’re getting ready to tackle a huge landscaping project this weekend. I’m excited and terrified!

  4. The pergola would be a beautiful addition to the deck. If you think that it would only block the beautiful view of the backyard, why don’t you just cover half of the deck? This way, you can still have shade in the deck without blocking the entire view. What do you think?

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