Do the Polka

Dots, that is, thanks to Ikea.  The boys and I made a somewhat impromptu trip to Minnesota to visit family and friends.  Trips back always include an Ikea run, this time looking for pillow inserts and a rug.  The lovely as ever Shavonda super sweetly sent me two Lappljung Ruta covers, so I bought two inserts.


While I’m super impressed with the cover quality (especially for ten bucks!), I’m not as happy with the Inner inserts.  I guess for $2.99 I can’t really complain.  Unfortunately, I bought two thinking they’d nicely fill each pillow.  Wrong.  I had to use both for one plump pillow.  Now I’m wishing I hadn’t been in such a hurry, because the Fjädrar down inserts are only $6.99.  Oh well, I can always make an insert.

As for rug shopping, I checked out the Magical Thinking Triangle Chain Rug, but didn’t love it for 89 bucks.  When I stumbled on the Ullgump Dot Rug for only $19.99, I had to get it.

Polka dots are fun, but don’t clash with the striped curtains.


Orange isn’t a prominent color in our house, but it’s slowly growing on me.  Just like the orange background of the Green Eggs and Ham painting.


Rather than spending more money on a large (8 by 10 or larger) rug, I decided to get something smaller to fit between the beds.  I don’t think I’d be willing to put any more of this bold color on the floor.


My other option was a 5 by 8 blue and cream flat weave chevron rug from Home Goods for $69.  It was super tempting, but I wasn’t thrilled with how thin it was.  Even hanging, the corners and edges had begun to curl.

Aside from three zoo trips, a Mall of America day (with a quick Ikea stop before), mini golf, and a few beach days, I helped my sister with a few projects. This two tone dresser is hers:

While visiting with my interior designer cousin, she told me about a product, Wall Flats that she just used in a house.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop thinking of these light weight panels.  Ready to paint and much lower commitment than tile, tack to the wall in each corner and you’re done.

13 thoughts on “Do the Polka

  1. I love the pop of orange in their room. We are an orange family, my husband wears it everyday for work, his company is logoed in it, our son Ethan has a few shirts that are orange and I have several orange dresses.

    Also, I have been seeing these wall flats all over HGTV and have been trying to figure out where I can use them. I am loving them. Maybe one of the guest bedrooms.

    1. Hey Jamie!

      Oh wow, you really are an orange family! Ha. Aren’t those wall flats amazing?! I think they’re lovely as an accent wall. In a dining room, guest room or even in a bathroom.


    1. Hi Suzy!

      Aww, thank you so much for your super sweet compliemtns on the painting. I think kids of all ages love Dr. Seuss. If you make a similar painting, I’d love to see yours! Feel free to send over a link. 🙂


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