Wrapped Planter

Last week, while at the hardware store, I spotted a shelf of mums, ornamental kale, and cabbage.  The colors of the kale were pretty, but the giant leaves on the cabbage reminded me of a fiddle leaf fig.

Based on other reports of the difficulty of caring for fiddle leaf figs, I know I shouldn’t even try it.  Though I’ve been tempted, I’m sure it’d die within a month.  Instead, this three buck cabbage will add some greenery without bruising my ego if it dies.  Problem was, all my cute planters were too small to hold it.  Then I remembered a stack of orange plastic pots we found in the attic.  Perfect size with a built-in saucer, but perfectly ugly.  Using a sharp utility knife, I cut the rounded plastic top off and warmed up my glue gun.


A roll of wood veneer (left over from this pendant) worked perfectly to hide the plastic planter.  I wrapped the roll around the planter to determine the length needed, cut with scissors, then hot glued the ends in place.  As I neared the slightly wider top, I added more glue in the middle.


It’s a fun and quick cover up for a plastic pot.


While I had the veneer out, I also made a few small decorative spheres.


I wish I had a stash of chunky rope, because these sisal planters and this rope pot are equally good-looking and simple.

Speaking of adorable planters, how sweet are these tiny cork succulent holders?

Do you have a cute planter idea?  Or a house plant even a black thumb gardener like me can’t kill?  Have you kept a cabbage indoors?

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2 thoughts on “Wrapped Planter

  1. Oooooh Amanda that’s such a really cool idea!!! I just transplanted my fiddle into a standard pot and was going to purchase a decorative basket to house it in but now I think ill try wrapping it in rope!!! I love your little planter now. It looks so good. Thank you for the inspiration:)

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