What’s the Deal?

If you’ve read here for a little while, you know I’m cheap.  What can I say, a good deal gets my blood pumping and heart racing.  Which means I don’t have to exercise, right?!  Okay, that’s extreme, but the thrill of the hunt or stumbling upon a diamond in the rough makes me happy.  Whether it’s a thrifted piece, like this cutie brown vinyl foot stool on casters:


He didn’t have a price, so I asked.  Survey says?  Five bucks.  Sold to the crazy furniture hoarding woman.  And this fall-ish wood and fabric sewing tote basket.


I plan to swap the fabric out to put it to use as a magazine rack.


Of course buying new can be just as exciting.  Like this $4.48 table and $5.98 ottoman from Target.  At twenty bucks they were a good deal.  Knowing I didn’t need them, I waited for clearance.


None of these items have found their permanent home…yet, but it’s only a matter of time.  The Target table might work outside.  Perhaps the square ottoman in the entry as a small, light weight place to perch while putting on or taking off shoes.  Who knows at this point.  I do know these were too good to pass by.  And eventually they’ll work somewhere.  What is your favorite recent deal?

16 thoughts on “What’s the Deal?

  1. Not related but I love that wood storage idea. Our house has our first wood fireplace and we keep getting bark on the floor around it. I like the nook for the broom too!

  2. I too found some great deals at Target over the past couple of weeks. I found a beautiful programmable Crock Pot for $15 and the regular price was $50. I also use Cartwheel, their coupon app, and got 2 boxes of diapers for $14.20 each, regularly priced at $21.99 each. Yay for great deals!
    I can’t wait to see what you do with the little brown ottoman and the sewing tote-turned-magazine rack!

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