Fall Mantel Tutorials & Free Design

Hey there, you!  How was your weekend?  We got something fun done and we can’t wait to share.  Here’s a teaser until Wednesday.


Aside from warm caramel apple cider and pulling out my sweater collection, nothing gets me more in the mood for fall than decorating for the cooler season.  Last week, our family room and mantel changed from summery greens to fall-ish jewel tones.  And all for only a few bucks.  In fact, I spent about five bucks on the mantel arrangement.  Two dollars for the white acorn (Goodwill) on the left and three bucks for a bottle of Liquid Leaf.


The deer silhouette is a cut out mounted to a contrasting card stock.


If you like Buck, you can make your own using my deer silhouette print.  Choose the opposite direction you want him to face, print on your colored paper, cut out, and tape to another piece of paper.


But my favorite is the gold Liquid Leaf feather painting.  I already had a large piece of gray paper, but a sheet is about $2.


Before stinking up the house with Liquid Leaf, I sketched my feather design in pencil.  Once happy with my design, I used a fine artist brush to cover over with metallic gold.


Wrapping anything – candles included – with embroidery floss is a cheap and easily changeable way to add color.


Start by tying a knot around your object, leaving a long loose tail and the bundle of floss attached.


Wrap the floss around, covering the tail as you go up.  Don’t worry about getting each strand right next to the rest.  Gently push down after several wraps.


At the top, tie a knot, using the rest of the beginning tail to keep the wrap tight.

While I loved the bright colors in the bar nook, it screamed summer.


Left over black and gold spray paint covered the green frame.


And more gold Liquid Leaf over the Eat, Drink & Be Merry print for glitz is fall perfection.


I’m working on a few more fall pillows, too.  What do you do for fall?  What gets you in the mood for changing seasons?

8 thoughts on “Fall Mantel Tutorials & Free Design

  1. I’ve been planting mums! That’s my fall activity so far. Went out and picked up some curtains. Enough to cover three windows + rods, only $44!! (bargain brag). Question for you…how did you get the deer to stand still long enough to draw the silhouette?

  2. I’ve been sewing fabric pumpkins and a Halloween garland and pulled out all of our past Halloween picture frames and set them out. I’m just starting on a fabric handprint turkey project I’ve been thinking about. Hoping it turns out awesome.
    Love your deer print! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Eat drink and be merry…that’s my motto and I love the art work. The candle idea is great too.

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