Outdoor Update

Just over a month ago, our nearly complete freshly landscaped yard took a hard hit of rain, leaving it looking like this:


Thus putting our master bathroom renovation on the metaphorical back burner.  Instead, Ben dug out all the muck and crushed limestone.  I sorted and washed mud from the rocks.


A new, larger drain to hold up better if this happens again.


And the waterfall pond containers were pumped dry, buckets of sand removed, and repeated until clean.


While it’s annoying to re-do what we just did, we’re lucky we didn’t get water in the house.  Actually, we’re super lucky this storm didn’t hit last year, before we started landscaping.  Originally, the dirt was level with the sill plate and foundation of the house.  Rather than cleaning up a back yard, we could have gutted the basement.  Of course we now know to expect the unexpected.  Hopefully the new trench above the hill will direct water away from the house if we get another torrential rain.


Our limestone came late last week, so we spent the weekend spreading more rock and getting things put back together.  Before winter hits.


Color me excited.



No more dirt, ah-hem, mud for the kids to play in.


And we found a new patio set so we can enjoy it all.


Ben found this on Craigslist for a steal.  Even though it’s not my favorite in the looks department, it’ll work.


Now we’re solidifying bathroom plans and materials.  So excited for this reno.  What are you working on this fall?

13 thoughts on “Outdoor Update

  1. Are you residing the house too? Very ambitious considering fall is here and weather all over the place has gotten crazy!

    1. Hi Erin!

      You’re right, that would be very ambitious this time of year. We thought about it, but won’t have time to get around to it now. If we hadn’t had to redo this leandscaping, we could have gotten some of it done. There’s always next year. 🙂


    1. Hi SJ!

      Thanks for your compliments! And I love the living room you linked to. I see what you mean about the similarities. The built ins on the side of the fireplace with wood storage. I just wish we had such great furniture to go with. 🙂


  2. We have a patio dining set from the same collection, with the same six chairs but a rectangular table. We’ve had some issues with the tile chipping on the corners/edges of our table, but otherwise it has held up really well. Our chairs still look brand new, and the set is six years old. They came from Costco. Super solid!

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