Carried Away

Often, I get carried away.  Start cleaning the kitchen and then go organize the rest of the house.  Wipe up the bathroom floors and end up cleaning it from top to bottom.  So it’s no surprise I got carried away when I met Ben.  Head over heels.  That phrase doesn’t make sense.  Aren’t we almost always head over heels?  Anyway, I knew when I met him I needed to know more.  It’s only fitting George Strait’s Carried Away was our first wedding dance.  And now we have those words on our wall.  I used Bombshell Pro to create these black and white designs.



I thought I’d paint the design on old canvases.  Then I took the easy way out.  Engineer prints to the rescue.  Again!  By formatting two 16 by 20 inch designs on one 2 foot by 3 foot page, I paid only $4.50 for the two.


Back in May I bought two acrylic frames for three bucks each and finally put them to good use.  The old astrological sign cut outs were too small, so we’ve got new bedside art.


I’d love to hang the art lower, so new, shorter lamps are in order.  Just have to find the perfect ones.


Simple, sweet, and sentimental.  Ben chose his favorite line.


And I chose mine, which happened to follow his.


Do you have song lyric art in your house?  Favorite sentimental art you’d like to share?

10 thoughts on “Carried Away

  1. I really like the wall colour and it was smart to use engineer prints. Have you thought about getting bigger curtains and using the old high and wide trick? There seems to be something “off” about the proportions in the room. A headboard and more pillows would also help … though maybe you have something up your sleeve 🙂

    1. Hi Meghan!

      You’re totally right!! Nearly everything in our room is just left over. We still have to build a headboard and add more pillows. The windows will be replaced eventually, so the curtains are ones I sewed so we could block the light. Our room hasn’t been a priority so I’m not sure where we’ll end up with it. But certainly will make changes as it’s no where near finished. 🙂


    1. Aww, thanks Jennifer! I do too. It’s the perfect place to have sentimental things without being in a common space. 🙂 Have fun adding more to your room. I’m excited to see.


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