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Squeeee!  It has begun.  Master bathroom reno.  It’s on like Donkey Kong.  Our shower pan finally came in, so we can start tearing into this project.  What looked like this on Friday:

Master Bathroom Macinack Island Green

Looks like this now:


Which is super exciting.  Even though we’re down one bathroom, this is a good thing, Martha.  Our once super closed off shower:

Master Bathroom Macinack Island Green Entry

Was carefully torn apart to not damage the plumbing and electrical in the wall.


Ben had fun taking the sledge-hammer to the old tile.



I didn’t get pictures of the shower base, but let me tell you, it was gross.  Even with a liner, the poured concrete and tile base leaked.  This is the second layer of plywood below the shower.


Which is exactly the reason we waited for our custom stainless steel shower pan.  One piece means far fewer places to leak.  Exactly the reason we waited for our custom stainless steel shower base.


In about five hours, Ben took out the shower, mirror, toilet, and vanity.


The floor, however, wasn’t as quick.  Tiles came up, but the OSB underlayment was a bear.  Think tiny pieces.


And we discovered something unexpected.  What we just tore out, was a remodel!  There’s capped off sink plumbing and an outlet behind the shower walls.


Plumbing came through the floor to feed the sinks, too, so we’re not sure where exactly the tub or shower was before.



We, okay, okay, Ben will have his work cut out for him.  Plumbing and electrical to deal with before things will start looking better.


But, this is exciting.  So is the stack of tile, lights, and supplies in the garage.  Have you started a winter project?  Or a bathroom remodel?

11 thoughts on “Demo More

  1. What a great idea for the shower pan! Where were you able to order that? We need to order one for our boy’s shower and a stainless steel pan would be perfect for them. For our master we ordered a Kohler cast iron pan and it is super cool, but they don’t make it in a 36×36 which we need for the other shower. Would you mind providing your source? Thanks.

    1. Hey Karyl!

      We ordered it from a local shop; the same place we got the kitchen sink for the last house. They make air ducts and other stainless steel stuff. If you google around, you should be able to find something. If you have questions, feel free to send me an email at

      Actually, we looked into the Kohler cast iron pans, but they don’t have the size we need or close to it.


  2. I’ve been in on a bathroom reno.I was a laborer, not a skilled craftsman. Huge job especially if you have tiled walls. Since we only have one bathroom, we had a port-a-potty in our drive way and a make shift shower in the dead corner of our backyard patio. Chilly for October!
    I’m curious about the stainless shower pan, also. I wonder if this will make for a quieter shower, since stainless interiors in a dishwasher is what makes them so quiet! I hope you’ll let me know.

    1. Hi Teresa!

      Oh man, that is a tough reno to deal with. We’re lucky to have the other bathroom while we work on this.

      I’ll be sure to let you know how the shower pan is once we get it installed and use it. 🙂


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