Gimme a Giveaway: For Animal Lovers

This giveaway is closed.  Thanks for entering!  See who won here

Who doesn’t love a cute critter?  I know it’s extremely tough for me to refuse one.  If we’re kindred spirits, you’ll love this month’s giveaway partners, Wilderness Romance and Chipmunk Cheeks.

Wilderness Romance specializes in hand printed fabric goods like pillows and pillow cases.  Like this Hand Printed Buffalo Pillow, that I now have living in my house.


Or this Moose pillow:

And a cute Plush Rabbit:

And Chipmunk Cheeks, oh goodness, there’s so much to love.

This Squirrel Flowers print is in my house, waiting to be framed and hung, but oh so adorable.

This Fox Flowers is a handsome fella, too.

Elephant Flowers, amazing flowers and I almost got her.

Pink Hedgehog Flowers, so pretty.

Come on now, get in on this action!

The Goods: Two prizes!  For the first winner, one $30 shop credit to Wilderness Romance and one $25 credit to Chipmunk Cheeks or Katie Vernon.  For the second winner, one $25 credit good for or toward anything in the Chipmunk Cheeks or Katie Vernon.

To Enter:  Leave a comment, which can (but doesn’t have to) include our Just for Fun question.

Just for Fun: How many animal related pieces do you have in your house?  Art, pillows, sculptures, you name it.  Me?  I’ve got at least 30, if I group pairs or sets together.  As singles, easily over 50.

For additional entries:

1.  Add Wilderness Romance to your Etsy favs and leave a comment.

2.  Add Chipmunk Cheeks to your Etsy favs, then leave a second comment.

3.  Like Our Humble Abode on Facebook, and comment again.

Contest Closes: Thursday, December 26th, 2013.

Number of Winners: Two, chosen by

Ships: Anywhere in the US.

Other Info: We will select the winners using and announce on Friday, December 27th.

P.S.  I’ve lowered prices on nearly everything in the shop for the rest of December.  8 by 10 inch prints are only 10 bucks!

74 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway: For Animal Lovers

  1. We just moved out of the country and left behind most possessions. We had a few; dolphins, whales, fish. Love the paintings.

  2. I don’t know that I have that many animal pieces. I have a few more around the holidays (reindeer at Christmas, bunnies at Easter) that other times of the year. Of course, as i think about it right now, I have at least 10 animals that are displayed during non-holiday times.

  3. Aside from stuffed animals and pets, I think I have 0 animal related items in my house. Wait, I think I have a poster of butterflies somewhere waiting to be hung up.

  4. It’s actually ridiculous how many animally things we have in the house. i’m staring at three throw pillows, four brass reindeer, a brass mouse, a painting of elephants– and two stinky, live-action dogs at the moment!

  5. We probably have around 10 animal pieces in the house right now and one is a ceramic wall mounted moose. I love the moose pillow above!

  6. I have a few animal figures but what I love best are our three dogs. I also have a great print of a pug looking into a mirror and seeing a huge tough looking dog — reminds me of our pug and makes me laugh every time!

  7. I probably have close to 20 animal related items! I only thought about it for a minute so it maybe way more!… but you can never have enough!

  8. I have very little animal-related things in my house — mostly music-related art! — but I’d love to add some!

  9. I can’t even count how many animal things I have–my bookcase is covered in a hodge podge menagerie of various animals and I have dinosaurs scattered around my home. All said, probably near 40?

  10. Oooo! I am drooling over those pieces, and especially the flower fox print! I’m doing a mental count and it seems like I only have 12 animal-themed decor items (and that includes an intentionally cheesy pegasus print). Clearly I need more!

  11. ha! you got me scurrying around the house looking at our plethora of animal treasures! Atleast 30, not including toddler toys. Our decor ranges from crab shells and sand dollars we found on the beach (are these animals?) then framed and hung, amazing ceramic bunny planters, and bird prints and sculptural images throughout!

  12. I have….none! Well, there was a deer print up behind the tv, but it fell and broke. I’m planning on putting a wolf there…but…now…0. And I’ve been lusting after the buffallo pillow for awhile now 🙂

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