Merry & Bright

Wow, thank you all so, so much for your incredibly sweet comments on our Christmas home tour yesterday.


Because we had a lot of comments on the Merry & Bright art I made, I’ve decided to share a free print version.


I used Photoshop, so it’s not wonky like my hand drawn design.


Get your own Merry & Bright with black backing:


Or save yourself some ink and print the Merry & Bright with white backing:


Also, our stocking hangers are slightly unconventional, but I love them.


Last year, I bought traditional stocking hangers from Target on clearance.  You know, the heavy rectangles with the little hook.  They work great, but were wider than I wanted.  Well, I got rail road spikes, just to use as decor.  Inspired by these porcelain beauties, I sprayed two of the five matte white, then painted the ends with gold Liquid Leaf.

Then I realized, these spikes are heavy, about the same as the hooks.  So I swapped them with the hooks.  Bam, more decorating space and less noticeable hooks.


And, I get to use the bad boys as table decor after the holidays.


I think I’ll spray the rusted spikes with a clear matte finish, just to prevent rust getting all over.  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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