Cart Wheels

The thrifted bar cart has a new home and new purpose.  Miss Scarlett, in the dining room, with the candlestick.


Okay, actually for me, in the dining room, holding plants.


When I bought it, only one shelf had glass.  To make the cart fully functional, I had Ben cut a piece of of 1/4 inch MDF and painted it white.


Plants sit on the glass shelf, which is great because it’s super easy to wipe up if I drip water.  This sunny spot is perfect for keeping my growing plant collection happy.  Including the $2.50 orchid I recently picked up from the grocery store clearance section.  It’s not looking good right now (hence the clearance price).  Do you have any tips to help me revive this beauty?


The new bottom shelf holds napkins, placemats, extra plates, and a few decorative items including mini disco balls.  Having napkins and placemats easily accessible has come in handy at dinner already.


I’m glad to have a place to corral my plants, while keeping them happy.  And to put this little wheeled dude to practical use in a tucked away corner.

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