Gimme a Giveaway: Britt Bass

Don’t you love when you find an amazing artist, bursting with so much talent you can’t decide which item is your favorite?  I know I do, and that’s exactly what happened when I found Britt Bass.

She has amazingly fun, colorful abstract paintings that will wake up any room.  I smile everytime I see the Navy Geo print in our bathroom.


Britt’s other prints are just as fantastic.  Amy print:

Pink Polka Dots:

Summer print:

The Goods: An 11 by 14 inch or 12 by 12 inch print of your choice from Britt Bass

To Enter:  Leave a comment, which can (but doesn’t have to) include our Just for Fun question.

Just for Fun: If you were to name a painting/paint color/band/street, what would you choose?

For additional entries:

1.  Tell us which Britt Bass painting you like best in another comment.  

2.  Like Our Humble Abode on Facebook, and comment again for three total entries.

Contest Closes: Thursday, March 27th.

Number of Winners: Just one, chosen by

Ships: Anywhere in the US or Canada, eh.

Other Info: We will select the winners using and announce on Friday, March 28th.

92 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway: Britt Bass

  1. would love to win a print! I recently dabbled in my own abstract, and I think I will call it mountain spring since it has lots of blue, turquoise and white in it, and I am missing my Washington mountains!

  2. Loving these prints! Crossing my fingers I win and I actually get the prize since I never got one I won on here a few years ago. Very disappointing indeed!

  3. I was going to purchase the print after seeing it in your bathroom but winning it would be even better!!

  4. What a fun giveaway! I would name a band Pepper Jack Cheese. Because we have two cats (coincidentally) named Pepper + Jack. Ha ha.

  5. I would name a print something that reminded me of home….like “Dusty Shelf” or something : )

  6. I think I would like to name a paint color! I would have to brainstorm but I think I could come up with something fun!

  7. Wow Beautiful work! I would name it ‘Color My Life’ Don’t ask me why that is just what came to mind when I saw her art! haha 🙂

  8. The only band name I can come up with would be Abbadabbadoodleoo — after my Cairn Terrier Abby. 🙂

  9. I’d get so lost trying to name something. Would probably just go with a single word that would confuse people, like “allegator” (a person who alleges). Or describes my state of mind, like “insomnia”. But naming a nail polish color would probably be the most fun!

  10. Also, love the Summer print (though I wish Clover #1 came in print – my absolute favorite!).

  11. If I had a band, I would name it Symmetrical Eggs. (Technically I stole that name from an ex-boyfriend, but… he’s an ex. So I’m standing by my choice.)

  12. And after much internal debate, I decided that I like the Watercolor print the best. But the Amy print is a close second.

  13. I love the AMY print so much! I think if I were to name a painting I’d name it after a weather feature i.e. derecho, graupel, etc.

  14. Great giveaway =) Not sure what I would name a painting if I had to. It would definitely depend on the colors and the mood the painting represents.

  15. I would name a paint color… Horse of a Different Color. I just saw the Wizard of Oz play and thats just in my head. Plus it really could be any color!

  16. Love these prints! I think if I were naming paint colors I would just open random old books at the library and select random phrases. 😛

  17. And it was a tough choice for me, but I think I’m going to go with Amy as my favorite print. Love the design, the colors, and the name! (I go by Amy as a nickname about half of the time.)

  18. Ooooo pretty prints giveaway, I’m in! 😀 If I had to name a paint color it would be a minty green and I would name it plain and simple : HAPPY!
    Because I love mint and it makes me happy!

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