Honing Skills

Many times, the little details and changes make a surprisingly big impact.  Like this small change that brightens our living room.


Do you know what it is?  Here’s a hint:


And now, look on the bright side.


This weekend, our weather was incredible.  Almost 70 degree high yesterday, though we might get snow tonight.  Ben took advantage of the nice weather by cutting marble remnants to replace the chipped laminate table tops.  It’s a super dusty task, so it’s best to work outside with a mask on.


When we bought our hall bathroom slab, the guy tossed in a few scraps of Carrara marble.  Two of which were the perfect size for these tables.  Free pretty marble is free for a reason.  These pieces were chipped, scratched, and had a few starter cuts.  For that reason, I decided a honed finish would work best.


Ben used a diamond blade saw to cut the rectangles, then a right angle grinder for on the edges, and followed up with sandpaper on an orbit sander to smooth the top.  The honed marble feels a little more rustic and used.


Glad I bought these $15 tables years ago, because the bases are super sturdy and pair nicely with the marble.  Sure beats the peeling fake walnut veneer.


And the new lamps look great on there, too.


Now I need to finish my patched walls, pick a paint color, and go to town on this room.

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