Rug Exchange

Over a year ago, we added large-scale floral rug to the living room and put our old grid rug in the family room.  It certainly brightened things up, but I’ve never been completely happy with the large rugs we currently own.


Especially after we bought a clean lined Mission style dining table.  The floral pattern felt too busy and didn’t match the table style.


This weekend we made a simple switch.  While working on the family room ceiling, I pulled all furniture out-of-the-way.  Before putting it back, I tossed out the idea of swapping the grid and floral rugs.  Ben and I moved the table and laid the simple rug under.


Wouldn’t you know, I love the change?!


The geometric design pairs nicely with the dining set and balances the dark wood better.



But I’m still not satisfied with the remaining rugs.  While I’m happy with the quality of the floral rugs, the look doesn’t fit in with my end goal.


For the living room, I’d really, really love the Marquis Wool Rug from West Elm:

In my head, the Marquis rug with the Flexsteel Rachael sofa would be a great base for our living room.

Another light, simple geometric rug.  Should pair nicely with the dining grid rug.  Just enough pattern to add interest, but not enough to draw attention.  And the beige/gray/cream mix can go with anything.  With select rugs 30% off right now, I was close to pulling the trigger, but the 9 by 12 size isn’t currently available.  Womp womp.  Back to the rugs we do have.  The displaced floral rug is in the family room, for now.  You know, until I find something I love.


I do like the added interest and color, but I had gotten used to the simpler look.



Maybe a jute rug to calm the space?  Oddly enough, I’m trying to convince Ben we should layer a cowhide rug in.  He’s not into it, which is strange because this was the situation when I met him:

Living Room

While this house was mostly typical plain 70’s (later installed inlay diagonal wood floors and six panel doors excluded), I’m trying to add in more rustic pieces.  After all, this is Montana, even if we are in the city.  Working in the dining set, Longhorns, our DIY console, and popular (around here at least) Craftsman-style trim are just a few touches so far.


I’m naturally attracted to modern furniture.  The clean lines get me every time.  I find I like a mix of the two a lot lately.  And the cow rug could look really fun with the modern chairs and coffee table.  What do you think of the options?  Any rugs you love that would work well in either of these spaces?

16 thoughts on “Rug Exchange

  1. You have such great style! I wish I lived closer, I’d buy that floral rug from you! Love the “bachelor” photo complete with dumb bells in the living room 🙂 Look forward to seeing what you do next.

    1. Hi Norma!

      If you lived closer, I’d sell you the floral rug!! 🙂 Isn’t that bachelor photo funny?! Not staged at all, just how he lived. Fake ficus and all. Thanks for your encouraging comments!!


  2. The change looks nice. I have a cow rug but I got tired of it quickly. It says alot in a room, maybe too much.

    1. Hi CC!

      I can see where that would be overwhelming. And Ben says they’re a pain to keep clean because you can’t easily vacuum them. So that would be annoying with two active boys and the messes they can make. Any other rug suggestions? 🙂


  3. I love the Marquis Wool Rug and I’m a big fan of the cow hide look but haven’t bought one because I can’t bare to walk on a dead animal. I’m actually saving to buy the faux ZGallerie hide which is really pricey.

    1. Hey Julia!

      I think it’s a fun look and adds character to a space. I actually saw faux cowhides for $250 at a local furniture store. If you want more info, send me an email. 🙂


  4. This room seems to be begging for a large custom cut rug, not separate rugs. It would join and unify the spaces well and make the room seem bigger. Consider a custom bound remnant!

    1. Hi Rebecca!

      I totally understand what you mean, but I don’t think that’s the best route for us for a few reasons. We like the cleanability of the hardwoods and the character they add, so we’d rather not hide most of them. Also, with an open concept like this, I think it would look strange to have the dining and living spaces look like one room. By using two area rugs, we can define each space and work within that setting. I’ll have to look into binding a rug, because that could work perfectly for the family room.


    1. Thanks, Sixty-Fifth Avenue!

      At our last house, we put a small microwave inside a cabinet and loved that. In this house, our plan is to put it in a pantry when we remodel the kitchen. We love the sleek look of a hidden microwave. 🙂


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