Musical Rugs

By now, a lot of companies  have decided to partner up with bloggers to offer products in exchange for a review to advertise.  It’s definitely a perk of blogging, but not the reason we do it.  While I get many offers, if they aren’t products I’d usually use, want to try, or home related, I decline.  Well, Mohawk rugs asked if I’d be willing to review a rug, and I got excited.  Ben and I looked at the options and had a hard time agreeing.  He wanted a soft, plush or shaggy rug while I wanted something with pattern and color, less concerned with the softness.  Eventually we agreed on the multi color Cambridge rug, available at a few other stores, so look here to find retailers.

Surprisingly, it shipped quickly and I got the rug less than a week later.  I quickly opened and unrolled the rug to let it smooth out and breathe.

Happily, the background wasn’t overly beige, and the other colors were beautiful.  Sunday morning, we did a little rug switcharoo, complete with Sam cleaning the couch.

Some fiddling and shifting later, we had the rug and sectional centered on the window, looking lovely.

I’m happy to add more pops of blues and yellow, which will eventually tie in with the entertainment center.

I’m sure we could get away with an even larger rug down the road, but the 8 by 11 foot size is the same as the other rug we had in here.

Doses of yellow, blues, and grays tie in nicely, but I’m really liking the large pattern.

I’ll admit, I was hesitant to buy another rug online because Ben cared more about the texture than the look.  What if it wasn’t plush enough?  Well, this is just as thick as the last rug we had.  And the olefin material is soft, too.  But, I do have one problem.  This somewhat noticeable bare spot.  It’s not terribly obvious from far away or when the fibers are matted from foot traffic, but after vacuuming, the strands perk up and it is more noticeable.  Maybe I can exchange it, because I really like the look and materials.

But let’s talk about a happy surprise.  Because we put the new rug in the living room, we decided the best place for the old rug would be in the family room.  For some reason, I always thought this rug was boring with the sectional.  However, in the family room, the pattern looks more luxurious and modern.

I’m digging the lighter look, and this rug is more proportioned to go with the furniture.

If you give a mouse a cookie Amanda a rug, she’ll want to swap all the rugs in the house.  Ben obliged, moving the striped Flor rug into the boys’ bedroom.

I’m not crazy about the abundance of stripes going on in here now, but it will work until we find something else.  Still haven’t found a place for the painted chevron rug though…  I suggested the covered part of the deck, but Ben thinks it will get too dirty.  I suppose he has a point.

What rug do you currently have your eye on?  Maybe you’re playing a little game of musical household items?

19 thoughts on “Musical Rugs

  1. I love that rug! And those colors would be perfect with our living room colors! Thanks for testing it out first!

  2. Do love the new rug and the switcharoos that resulted. I prefer the chevron rug in the boys room but understand you were ready for a change.

    How did you decide to call which room which when it comes to the family room v. living room? Wondering if there is a regional difference. Growing up, the family room was always the room with the tv and was the more casual of the two rooms. You seem to call them opposite.

    1. Hi Harper!

      Yeah, I know what you’re saying. Lots of stripes going on. Haha.

      Before we moved in the mountain house and started using it, we called the living room the living room because it has a more formal location. The views and it being right off the formal dining area just seemed to work. So we called the other room the family room. Originally, I thought we’d build a small bookshelf next to the fireplace (where the mirror is) and use that for our tv watching. But plans change and the names haven’t. 🙂 Hope that helps explain it.


  3. Love your blog!
    I really like the way your old rug looks in the family room – you would think it had been selected especially for that spot! The new rug isn’t really my style pattern-wise but the colours are very nice. Does the blue stand out a little more in person?
    I was also wondering if you could share the price of the rug?
    Have a great day and keep up the great posts!

    1. Hi Laura!

      Isn’t that a great surprise?!? I really love the colors of the rug, too. In person, the blue is slightly more obvious, but it’s not crazy bright. The rug costs about $400 at any of the retailers, but Lowe’s did recently have a 10 or 15% off sale.

      Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Toni!

      We bought the sectional from Costco about three years ago. The couch is from Hom furniture about 8 years ago… I’ve seen the sectional in different colors at Costco, but I don’t know what Hom would have that’s similar.


    1. Hi Emma!

      This house, while larger, only has three bedrooms. We use one, the boys use another, and Handy Sammy lives in the other. If we were to put one of the boys in the other main level bedroom, Sam would stay in the basement. But that’s the only space we have for guests, so he’s get kicked out or have to share with our guests because the basement is one big, open room. Hopefully that explains it a little better.


  4. That bare spot would have me calling them for an exchange right away but I do love the rug and the one put in the family room looks great there and even mimics the tile in the kitchen behind it.

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