Beam Me Up, Scottie

As I mentioned yesterday, we were able to get some work done in places other than the roof this weekend.  One of those projects included tearing down a load bearing wall.  In a word, gulp.  We’ve torn out walls before, like a load bearing one to open up the kitchen at our first house, but it was a short span.  Worst case scenario, our roof fell in.  Ha.  This time, we took out a wall in the garage supporting the upper level of the house.

Here’s the thing, our garage is roughly two and 3/4 stalls wide, with only two garage doors.  The 3/4 part was separated into two storage rooms, one accessible from the garage, the other from the utility room.  Because we’ve got two cars and a boat to park, we decided we could live without the storage rooms.  So Ben tore out the separating wall and the sheet rock to prepare for the change.

Then we started the time-consuming roof project and not much else happened throughout the house, garage included.  On Thursday, Ben ordered a 24 foot long 18 inch tall by 6 inch wide glue lam beam to take the wall out.  The next day, a truck dropped it off and Ben got antsy to get started.  After making us chocolate waffles and eating breakfast, Ben and Handy Sammy got started with operation wall removal and beam placement.  I stayed in the house with the boys, so I don’t have pictures of the process, but Ben borrowed a set of beam jacks from a contractor friend to hoist and support the beam in place.

Once the beam was above their heads, Ben added support posts consisting of three 2 by 6 pieces on either end.

I guess Ben enjoyed that part, learning something new and using borrowed tools and all.  Of course demoing the old wall was fun, too.  And hey, hey, we’ve got ourselves an open garage.

Still to come, cutting these bolts off.

Building a wall in place of the door to the utility room.

And framing out the exterior walls, adding insulation, and moving our stuff in.  Although, the garage currently has construction supplies in place of our cars.

Regardless, we’re breathing easy now that we’re done with the big part.  We’ve also ordered new garage doors, so we should get those installed in a few weeks.  We’ll have to clean crap out before then.  Eek, the garage might look okay and be usable in the near future.

Anyone out there have a garage that looks like ours?  How do you like to contain the tools and mess?

6 thoughts on “Beam Me Up, Scottie

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Well, I know I was more nervous than Ben. He does his research and talked to a contractor/architect friend to make sure everything would be okay. He’s much more willing to tackle these things thank I would be without him.


  1. you guys seem to be getting so much done with your new house already! im envious of your motivation! we moved into our house just over a year ago and have been at a standstill since redoing our kitchen last spring.
    did you budget for all of these big projects before buying the house?

    1. Hey Lizzy!

      We’re trying to maximize projects while we still have warm weather. When we sold our other house, we got a chunk of money, so we’ve been using that to fund these larger projects. But the beam was actually a cheap project, costing about $350 for the beam. We had everything else for the project, so this was a fairly easy thing to tackle. However, the roof, siding, and windows all take up a nice chunk of time and money.


  2. I think I asked this before, but is the garage sealed off by a firewall? I saw a horrible Holmes on Homes where they had to close in the garage because it wasn’t sealed off from the rest of the house, therefore potentially allowing in carbon monoxide. I see some bits of concrete bricks so I assume it is blocked off but I wasn’t sure!

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