The Sky Is Falling

Wow, it’s crazy how much we can get done on the house now without the roof demanding so much attention.  We’re currently between big projects, having just finished the roof and waiting for our windows to arrive.  Which gave Ben some time to tackle a few, slightly smaller projects, including installing the Sky Tube in the bathroom.

After some debating from everyone (you included!) we landed on centering it over the tub width wise, and centered over the shower curtain depth wise.  Ben started by tracing and cutting most of the outline of the light.  Before cutting it completely through, dumping a pile of insulation on our heads, be climbed up in the attic and moved the offending insulation.  From there, Sam cut the rest of the sheet rock left, and installed the bottom glass part of the light, screwing it into the joists above.

Ben attached the flexible duct work to the cover he had already installed while roofing and we were ready to rock.  And on an overcast, rainy day, this bathroom saw its first shred of natural light in existence.

Monumental, right?  Haha.

When the clouds parted and the sun popped out, our bathroom lit up, too.

Of course I had to hop in the shower to see what it was like with the curtain closed.  Look at all that light, without any electricity.

Ben was right, I’m glad we decided to center it over the tub.

Not only does the sky tube give great light to the tub area, but the rest of the bathroom as well.  The vanity area is light and bright.

Trust me when I say the change is dramatic.  Actually, why don’t you take a look at the before and after:

Light, bright, airy, and not at all yellow toned.  Ahh, I see the light.

How was your weekend?  Did you spend some time crossing things off the honey do list?  Or relax knowing fall is around the corner?

23 thoughts on “The Sky Is Falling

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I think it looks great, too. And the light is so nice, hopefully taking pictures will be much easier now. 🙂


  1. The difference is amazing! No more scary dark showers for you or your guests!

    I checked two out of the three things off my list and am hoping to check the third one off today or tomorrow before 10 more get added to it haha

    1. Hey Caitlin,

      Love the added light. High five to you for getting a few items checked off your list. 🙂


  2. We installed a sky tube in the bathroom in our rental house. Everytime you walk past the bathroom, you have to check to see if the light is on! It really brightened up the space.

    We had a relaxing weekend. I picked up Husband at the airport (he returned from Afghanistan) and then whisked him off to a wonderful lunch, a ventage train ride, and finally we checked in to a lovely B&B, and then a great dinner. Then, back to the B&B for a restful night. Have a great breakfast the next morning and then home where he saw all the honey dos that were waiting for him (but I told him he didn’t have to do them until Monday).

    1. Hi Caedwin!

      Aren’t the sky tubes the best thing? Love them! And, glad you got your hubby back!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!


  3. Looks great, Amanda! The toilet area still looks so dark, though. I see a wall sconce in your future over there. I got a bunch of annoying things crossed off my list this weekend, including some finishing touches in the kitchen, a bunch of yardwork and repairing a leaky toilet. Ah, home ownership is so glamorous. xxoo

  4. I’ve finally caught up on reading every post. It’s made my greedy for more! So excited to follow along real time now. I have a couple of questions from past posts but of course I can’t find the list. One that I know off the top of my head was…can you share with us how you did the round paint chip art that was in the old house? I love it!

    My weekend was spent purging items from the entryway closet and living room bookshelves. I’m trying to declutter for simpler living.

    1. Hi Harper!

      Wow, that’s some dedication. Haha. So glad you liked the older posts and are ready for more. 🙂

      I’m guessing you’re wondering about the art in this picture: If that’s the right one, I just used a circle cutter (see this post for more info) to cut circles from Glidden paint cards. Then I made a grid by marking every three inches (just a small dot at the center) and taped the circles with small loops at the back. Pretty simple, but a circle punch would be super easy.

      I’m looking forward to your other questions, too so ask away when you’re ready. 🙂


  5. How hard is the install (the roof part)? Would you do it if you weren’t already having the roof done? I really want to add one to our windowless bathroom, but we have a tile roof and I am fearful of the install! It does look so awesome though.. i really really want one!

    1. Hi Kim!

      We would have done it even if we weren’t working on the roof. We added one at our last house and it wasn’t difficult. However, I don’t know exactly how that would work with a tile roof. So maybe talk to a contractor to get an idea of what would need to be done with the tile roof?

      Hopefully you can figure something out!


  6. That looks great! Taking a shower in the morning before the kids wake up with only natural light coming in (no lights turned on!) is my favorite thing! Now you get to do that too 🙂 Your bathroom is really coming along, and I see the sneak peak of teal on the vanity…can’t wait to see it all finished!

  7. Your bathroom looks fabulous, girl! Bask in the glory of your hard work & enjoy a nice glass of wine with a hot bubble bath!! You earned it!! :O)

  8. Yay for natural light! My grandparents have one of those in their home and I’ve always been amazed at the difference it makes

  9. This looks better than I even imagined! So glad you went above the tub. We have a window in both of our bathrooms, and I am always so amazed at how we never have to turn on lights when we are in there. It is also nice to put on some make up with natural light (that is when I have time to actually do that).

  10. I love the solar tube! My friend had kne put in her bathroom and it took me a minute to figure out what was different the first time I went in there. While not strictly a ‘house project’ I did complete my first foray into freezer meals yesterday…oh mylanta, talk about a ton of work! But Imade ten different recipes and we’re on our way to having a full freezer for those post-baby months and the craze of school/soccer starting.

  11. The solar tube/sun tunnel looks great! Love the amount of light it gives off as well. Is it directly over the tub or straddling the shower curtain rod?

    Also, have you thought about putting in another one just in front of the toilet? (not directly over it though)

    1. Hi Myliladventures!

      Thanks! We straddled it over the shower curtain to allow the most light. I know the toilet area looks dark in pictures, but in real life, it isn’t. The vanity is directly across with ample lighting.


  12. I have been wanting multiple skylights in our house– especially in our two windowless bathrooms. I’ve been debating on where to place them and LOVE where you placed yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

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