Semi Flush

In addition to looking for a not too green or orange yellow paint, I’m searching for the Goldilocks of semi flush lights for the guest room.  Here are my top six:Semi-Flush-Light-Options1.  Kenroy Home Whistler

2.  Livex Park Ridge

3.  Possini Double Organza

4.  Galaxy Chadwick

5.  Designers Fountain Cordova

6.  Soho Polished Chrome

All have diffused light with a close to the ceiling drop.  Some are more simple.  But I’m not sure which I like best.  Or if any of these are the one.  Care to cast your vote?  Or nominate a different light?  Of course there’s always a DIY option.

The Sky Is Falling

Wow, it’s crazy how much we can get done on the house now without the roof demanding so much attention.  We’re currently between big projects, having just finished the roof and waiting for our windows to arrive.  Which gave Ben some time to tackle a few, slightly smaller projects, including installing the Sky Tube in the bathroom.

After some debating from everyone (you included!) we landed on centering it over the tub width wise, and centered over the shower curtain depth wise.  Ben started by tracing and cutting most of the outline of the light.  Before cutting it completely through, dumping a pile of insulation on our heads, be climbed up in the attic and moved the offending insulation.  From there, Sam cut the rest of the sheet rock left, and installed the bottom glass part of the light, screwing it into the joists above.

Ben attached the flexible duct work to the cover he had already installed while roofing and we were ready to rock.  And on an overcast, rainy day, this bathroom saw its first shred of natural light in existence.

Monumental, right?  Haha.

When the clouds parted and the sun popped out, our bathroom lit up, too.

Of course I had to hop in the shower to see what it was like with the curtain closed.  Look at all that light, without any electricity.

Ben was right, I’m glad we decided to center it over the tub.

Not only does the sky tube give great light to the tub area, but the rest of the bathroom as well.  The vanity area is light and bright.

Trust me when I say the change is dramatic.  Actually, why don’t you take a look at the before and after:

Light, bright, airy, and not at all yellow toned.  Ahh, I see the light.

How was your weekend?  Did you spend some time crossing things off the honey do list?  Or relax knowing fall is around the corner?

Let There Be Light

Ben has a lot of great ideas, especially when it comes to accent lighting.  When we added this trim to our master bedroom, Ben got the idea to add hardwired rope lights inside.  After taking the time to drill through each header, Ben had the wiring ready.  Ben bought 3 to 6 foot long rope light strips from Home Depot.  The lengths of the rope lighting depended on the width of the door or window they would go over.  Ben plugged the lights in and wired in a dimmer switch.  We love how handy the lights are, especially now that we’re waking up in the middle of the night to change diapers.

I had been planning my office for quite some time, but over looked the lighting.  Ben suggested we install halogen puck lights to create task lighting.  We have two sets, one on each side of the upper cabinets.  The lights have two hidden switches located under my marble desktop.

I love how much task lighting I have now.  It makes my work so much easier!

Lighten and Brighten Up!

I love light and bright rooms, don’t we all?  I have compiled a list of changes we have made to make our house brighter.

1.  Add a sky tube to a dark, windowless room, like our main bathroom. 

2.  Mirrors!  The mirrors in both of our upstairs bathrooms extend to or close to the ceilings.  The large mirrors reflect light while making the space feel larger. 

3.  Our new dining light fixture makes our space feel brighter because the shade is white.  The old fixture was oil rubbed bronze, so it felt darker. 

4.  When Ben replaced all of our windows, he enlarged some of the windows.  All three bedroom windows are now 1 foot closer to the floors.  The added light does make a huge difference.  Ben also made a smart decision by making egress windows in our basement.  All of the basement windows were the smaller of the two shown below.  Not only are the bedrooms more functional, livable bedrooms, but the light is great.  It doesn’t seem as much like a basement.

5.  Our new front door has a window.  At first, I hated the idea, due to lack of privacy-I liked to look  out our peep-hole at the people on the other side, knowing they couldn’t see me.  Now, they know I’m on the other side of the door-not answering…  Any who, I love the light this little window lets in.  The new back door is almost entirely glass, too.  I love it, lack of privacy and all.

The full glass back door floods the staircase and basement landing with light.

6.  Lamps-duh!  We all know they add light, but a lamp in a dark corner can make a world of difference.

How To: Light It Up

Another item checked off my to do list.  Our dining room light fixture wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t quite what we were looking for.  So, I ordered this light fixture from CB2.  The only problem?  The fixture is meant to be plugged in to an outlet, not hardwired.  That’s okay though, I have a handy hubby.

Here she is in the box:

Before we could install the fixture, we went to Lowe’s to buy a 2 in 1 ceiling plate.  Because the light is meant to be plugged in, one was not included.  Not to worry, we found one in a brushed nickel finish for $4.98.   It is however a little more traditional than I was hoping for.  Oh well.

We went home, ready to install.  First, turn off your breaker.  You can never be too safe!!  Then Ben removed our old fixture.

He installed the new mounting hardware for the box cover and we measured the height (32 inches) from our table.  Ben marked the cord and cable to know where to cut.  He adjusted the cable to hang at the proper height and tightened the screws in place.

Then he cut the wiring, leaving 3 or 4 inches more than he needed.  He stripped the ends and connected the proper wires to one another, securing with wire nuts.

I held the fixture while Ben hung the ceiling plate.

After about 10 minutes, we had a brand spankin’ new light fixture.

I think it’s great.  What do you think?