Let There Be Light

Ben has a lot of great ideas, especially when it comes to accent lighting.  When we added this trim to our master bedroom, Ben got the idea to add hardwired rope lights inside.  After taking the time to drill through each header, Ben had the wiring ready.  Ben bought 3 to 6 foot long rope light strips from Home Depot.  The lengths of the rope lighting depended on the width of the door or window they would go over.  Ben plugged the lights in and wired in a dimmer switch.  We love how handy the lights are, especially now that we’re waking up in the middle of the night to change diapers.

I had been planning my office for quite some time, but over looked the lighting.  Ben suggested we install halogen puck lights to create task lighting.  We have two sets, one on each side of the upper cabinets.  The lights have two hidden switches located under my marble desktop.

I love how much task lighting I have now.  It makes my work so much easier!

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