Console-ation Prize

Our entry is rocking a new look and organization (potential).  Just in time for winter.


Though it’s very, very far from done.  Our split level entry is cramped, so slim storage is key.  The little accent table wasn’t offering much in that department.


After seeing a stack of old siding in the pool house, I knew what I wanted.


Using coarse sandpaper, I took off the super rough texture and most of the blue paint.  I asked Ben to cut the tongue and groove off the old boards.  He did, then built a 36 inch wide by 6 1/2 inch deep by 7 1/2 inch tall rectangle.


Wanting the imperfections, I left the nail and old staple holes, and blue paint in the knots.  Using my new friend, Teak Oil, I coated the shelf and let it cure.


It darkened the cedar a little, adding warmth and bringing out the character.  And these knots, I’m smitten.



We used screws directly in studs to hold this bad boy up.  Now for the fun part, accessorizing.


Because this shelf is only 6.5 inches deep, I bought a small desk lamp at Target.  Right now, it’s purely decorative, as there are no outlets in the entry.  Hopefully soon.  The cute hexagon paper mâchê tray is too deep.  Looks like I’ll have to make another.


A light, but sturdy ottoman (Target clearance!) is the perfect perch for putting on or taking off shoes.


I’m working on a mitten drying system to sit on top of the shelf.  The ottoman would look nice with a fun fabric.  And we’ll need hooks for coats and purses.  I really wish I wasn’t afraid to stand on a ladder over stairs because the peach paint and textured wall drives me friggin’ bonkers!  I’ve planted a cover up idea seed with Ben, so we’ll see if it grows or dies.

8 thoughts on “Console-ation Prize

  1. I think all you really need in that tiny, tiny space is some wall hooks for coats… I wouldn’t even leave shoes there because the space is so small. I don’t see the need to fill it up with vignette stuff.

    1. Hi Kristi!

      I agree, this space it too small to fill with unnecessary stuff. But everything here so far has a function. Well, the plant and monogram are just pretty. 🙂 We don’t keep our shoes down there, they come up in the entry closet. But the ottoman is nice if we put on or take off shoes there. Especially for guests. Hooks for coats and purses are next on my list.


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