Chewed Paper

I remember making paper mâché in elementary school.  It’s still just as fun.  Recently, while checking out Target’s dollar spot, I spied a cute hexagon tray.  For a buck, I had to have it.  I think I’ll use this one in the kitchen, to hold our oil bottle, salt, and pepper.  But I got a two for one special by using this tray as a paper mâché form.  I dug out a few sheets of newspaper, mod podge, an old brush, and got to work.


To protect my tray, I wrapped it in aluminum foil and 1/2 inch-ish strips of paper.


Laying all strips in the same direction, I mod podged one piece on, then covered it with another layer.


For each following layer, I rotated my strips to cross the last.


After about 10 or 12 layers, I called it quits and let it dry.


After letting it dry for 24 hours, I used a utility knife to cut the edge.  I slipped in a few places and some corners don’t quite line up.  But it’s a fun little project.  I painted the inside gold and the outside navy.


I’ve got plans to jazz up the entry, so this dude will come in handy.


And I can make more.  I might try one with prettier paper and skip painting…  Have you made any paper mâché recently?

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3 thoughts on “Chewed Paper

  1. I picked up that tray and put it back because I couldn’t think of a good use for it. Until now…..Bingo!
    I love those two different colors and the great contrast! Way to get your money out of a $1 tray!

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