If You Mess With the Bull

You get the horns, hung up.  Last week, the UPS man delivered our West Elm Mobile chandelier.  After living without an entry light for two months, it certainly is nice to see at night again.  Right now we have six small round 25 watt globe lights, but I’d love bigger 15 or 20 watt bulbs.


Install was pretty easy, though poor Ben had to hold it while wiring because I couldn’t reach to help.  While he had the ladder out, I asked him to hang the Longhorns.


Unfortunately, a stud wasn’t centered on the wall, so the horns are a few inches off to one side.


But, I’m still thrilled to have a light and decor in the entry.


I’ll be even more excited when we get around to other entry changes.  Like sanding the ceiling and wall patch, installing paneling on the tall wall, and swapping out the front door and window.


See the tape on the window?  We’re hoping to reuse the 8 foot tall glass door from the dining room with a transom style window above.


After researching doors, we really like the look and function of a double door with large windows.  A few houses in our neighborhood have full glass double doors and we love them.  With below freezing (and lately far below zero) temps, we can’t exactly start on this, but we’re itching to get there.

13 thoughts on “If You Mess With the Bull

  1. Those are so cool! If you wanted to center, you could try toggle bolts. Apparently just one toggle bolt would support several hundred pounds. We have used them in several spots around my house where studs weren’t an option – love them!

    1. Hey Liz!

      I’m still pushing for tongue and groove on that wall, which would make it super easy to hang anything anywhere. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll get some toggle bolts! 🙂


  2. I love the horns!!! I really, strongly dislike the West Elm light fixture, though. They look too spindly for that space.

    1. Hey Jessie!

      I do see what you mean, but we wanted a fixture with at least three bulbs. If we find something more substantial, I’d love to put this chandelier in the dining room. 🙂


    1. Hey Kl!

      You’re right, we’ll just have to find something more substantial for the entry. I think this fixture would work really well in the dining room, though. What do you think of that? 🙂


  3. this one is a miss for me – but then that’s the nature of home design, there is no one look to please everyone. But since we’re friends I’m going to let you know if your underwear is sticking out of your pants. The light fixture is pretty underwhelming for the fact that it is one of the first things you see when entering the house (but then maybe its just me). And then the horns…I actually love them, just not there. Ok, not true. I love them just not with that light fixture. I think one needs to go.

    1. Hi Alex!

      Thanks for letting me know my underwear are showing. 😉 I see what you mean becuase the horns are pretty substantial and the fixture isn’t. I’ll have to see what I can find for the entry.


  4. Hey Amanda. I gotta agree. I love the light fixture but I think it would look even better over the table. But hey, it works for now. In the mean time you can search some more. 🙂

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