Not Welcoming Welcome

We’ve been busting our butts to get the master bathroom done, but other areas of the house are completely neglected.  First impressions are important, and this is that we’ve got:


Not completely untouched.  We did remove a small arch that was over the railing, along with a few pieces of crown that were around it.

Removing Living Room Arch

Our friends wanted the Tiffany style Fleur de Lis light, so we gave it a new home.  So really, at this point, it looks worse than it initially did.  Hopefully this summer we’ll replace the windows and front door for something more energy-efficient.  I’m hoping to cover up the knock down texture with a wall treatment, too.  New crown while we’re at it.


The light box is centered on the dividing railing, which kind of makes sense, but also kind of drives me crazy.  Moving it over about 6 inches would center the light on the window and door.


Speaking of lights, we ordered the Mobile Chandelier from West Elm mid-December.

When we placed the order, it said the fixture was back ordered until January 20th.  Now it says April 1st.  Fingers crossed it’s still January, though I haven’t gotten an update.  While we have the big ladder out to hang the light, we’ll get this big, bad bottom dude up:


My grandpa got these Longhorns in the late 50’s, then gave them to my mom before he passed away.  I told my mom I had the perfect place for them, so she gave them to me.


Perfect sculptural, manly addition to the entry.  They’ll fill up the wall without looking busy, and I love the sentimental value.


Our little console is still working well.


Man, I really want to paint over the peachy paint.  Sadly it makes the most sense to wait until we’ve replaced the windows.  I’d rather not climb a high ladder more than I have to.

12 thoughts on “Not Welcoming Welcome

  1. Looking forward to seeing more progress on your entry & I’ve so been there with West Elm and back orders! Avery’s bed (I kid you not) we ordered it in March we finally got it delivered in August/Sept – freaking nightmare….I hope your wait isn’t crazy long for your light fixture

    1. Hey Katrina!

      Oh no! That is so irritating. I can totally wait a month, but I’d rather not wait another three. So sorry you had issues getting Avery’s bed. Do you at least love it?!? 🙂


  2. I have some almost 7ft long longhorns decorating my dining room wall (they were too large for my entry), but would have loved them to be the first thing people see when they walk in the door.

  3. Did you install a can/eyeball light(s)? I can see one in the close up on the horns but can’t tell where that is in the wide shot.

    My kids’ playroom previously had two doorways, one of which we closed up last year. We planked the side where our small, front entryway is but, from inside the room, its still an unsanded, unpainted, door-shaped spot on the wall! We wanted to some sort of wall treatment in the playroom to cover it but I still can’t decide on what. I guess it would just be too easy to spend an afternoon sanding and painting our giant patch!

    1. Hi Liz!

      The horns are hanging in the basement until we get them in the entry. So the ligts aren’t on the main level. 🙂

      I’m not sure why I loathe sheetrock work. Actually, yes, I do. One word: dust!!! If I can close the door to help contain the mess, that’s fine. But this arch is in the middle of the house. So I’ve put it off because I just don’t want to deal with it. Because then I’d have to pain the living and dining room ceilings, too. So not interested in that right now. Good luck with your cover up or patch job!!


    1. Hi Jennifer!

      Isn’t that fixture great?!? Though I am concerned with the whole “no filament bulbs in the US” thing that just happened. I guess I’ll have to stock up. 🙂 And you’re right, it’s always worse before better. It just looks so, so bad right now. And there’s a logical order for the process, so really can’t even start. Maybe after the bathroom. 🙂


    1. Hi LetsJustBuildaHouse!

      I know, right?!? I know it takes time, it’s just hard because I would love to work on it, but there’s really nothing I can do about it yet. Soon. Maybe. 😉


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