The Copper Tone

Some of my creations are a way to use left over materials.  Whether fabric scraps, left over wood veneer, or in this case, wood ends.


Ben kept these scraps from the Bubinga counters, but had no use.  While cleaning out the garage last weekend, he brought them upstairs and set them in our wood pile.  Knowing I could make something, I saved them from a firey death.  Of course Ben accused me of hoarding, but it’s worth it.  After seeing these beautiful jewelry blocks, I knew what I wanted to do.  I cut a 1 3/4 inch cube (because my pieces were already 1 3/4 inches, which also happened to be the width of the tube strap) and bought a 1/2 inch copper air chamber and copper tube straps, both found in the plumbing aisle.  Add a few screws, a tooth hanger, and we’ve got a chic, industrial, wall mounted bud vase.


If you want to make your own, start with a wooden cube, dealer’s choice.  Because the Bubinga is super dense, I used a small drill bit to make pilot holes for the screws.  Both front (for the strap) and back (for the hanger).



Short screws hold each in place.  I couldn’t find copper screws, so I used brass instead.  I might get a copper leaf pen to paint the heads.


A small nail hangs the vase on the wall, but I didn’t like the slight lean it gave the piece.  A few sticky back felt dots bumped up the bottom to hang parallel to the wall.


If I han’t already hung the astrological cut outs about the toilet, I’d want three or five of these instead.  Loving how the copper popped against the dark bathroom walls, I hung it in the little space between the shower and bathroom door.


A cheap, colorful carnation brightens this dreary winter.


Now I have an excuse to keep fresh flowers in the house.  Sometimes, small projects like these are my favorites.  Simple, affordable, and brighten a room.  What do you think of this DIY vase?

5 thoughts on “The Copper Tone

    1. Hey LetsJustBuildaHouse!

      Yes, so, so easy! Only a drill and saw for tools. And most of the materials are ready to go. 🙂 Please send pics if you make some. I’d love to see!


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