Thrifty Hits

Thrifting recently has been very hit or miss, mostly miss.  But, I have found a few decent items.  This rug was originally from Target, I think around $15.  Unsold clearance goes to Goodwill, so I snagged this cotton rug for two dollars.  The teal is a near perfect match for the curtains and art, so score.


In other bathroom news, here’s a peek at the beginnings of the American Walnut vanity.  Only the ends have wood right now, but it’s exciting to see.  And oh so handsome!


Back to thrifting, here’s a Dwell Studio for Target pillow I found for three bucks:


The floral design is okay, but I’m smitten with the black and white striped back with yellow edge.


This rug was in a consignment shop.


Some fringe is missing, but the colors are so lively.  Thirty five dollars, for a vintage 4 by 6 rug.  My sister asked me to keep an eye out for a colorful, boho-ish rug.  A quick text and she told me to get it.


It’s thin, but a rug pad can help out a lot.  Hope she likes it as much in person.  While at the same shop, I found tons of heavy metal printing letters.  I got one for each of my boys.


Maybe this American Insects page will go in the boys’ room, too?


Ev loves the beetles.  Me too, dude.  Only on paper though.  No live bugs for this girl.  He is my go to bug killer, that helpful little guy.  Any favorite finds you’d like to share pictures of?  Feel free to link here or share pics on our Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “Thrifty Hits

  1. Total score! I don’t think there are words to describe finding the exact perfect thing for your space at a thrift store. It’s exhilarating 🙂 Congrats!
    Erin @ diypassion

  2. I took a thrifting break because I wasn’t having any luck for a while but I’m thinking I should head back out. I’m feeling hopeful after seeing your finds. 🙂 That squirrel is so nice!

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