Let’s Get Functional, Functional

This post approved by Olivia Newton John.  Not really, because we’re getting functional, not physical.  No 80’s gym gear necessary.  Over the weekend, our master bathroom became fully functional in the plumbing department.  That’s right, we’ve got a working shower, clawfoot tub, toilet, and now sink.


Ebay came through with a sink, faucet, and drain combo.  Because we went from two sinks to one, we wanted something a little wider to make it more functional for two people.


After much debate and pricing of materials, we landed on a custom-made stainless steel counter to match the shower.  Carrara marble would have cost nearly $800.  While it would have been beautiful, we couldn’t justify that price.  Stone or man-made remnants in this size are nearly impossible to find.  Wood was a contender, until we decided to make a walnut vanity.  Stainless was not only the most affordable option, but also a solid, easy to clean surface.


It’s so nice not to wash hands in the bathtub.


I’m torn about the mirror.  I like the look, but it’s on the smaller side at 25 inches in diameter.  Ideally, we’d have a 36 inch round mirror.  At $40, it’ll stay.


I still have to cut the rope shorter and find something to ‘hang’ it from.


See what I mean about it being a little small?  Do you know of any 36 inch round mirrors under $100?


We made progress on the vanity yesterday, but I’m waiting to share until it’s 100% finished.  But, the walnut is amazing already.  Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day, too.  Enjoy the day off, if you get it.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Functional, Functional

  1. Not 36 inches, only 32, but it has the same look for $99: Ikea’s Stockholm mirror. Sadly, I just remembered that you have to really travel to get to an Ikea.

  2. Great choices in your bathroom. I think the mirror actually looks a good size and your countertop choice is so fun, industrial and modern. You are right, easy peasy to clean. Impressive bathroom redo!

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