Minor Tweaks, Big Impact

I know there’s been a lot of bathroom talk and updates.  But the good news is, we’re nearing the end.  Ben grouted the shower and floors last weekend and they look fantastic!  He used unsanded grout and matching caulk because the lines are under 1/8 inch wide.


Update: We received a few emails wondering about the corner in the photo above.  This was after grouting, but before we filled the edges with matching caulking.  After allowing the grout to dry, we filled the edges, let it dry, and we’re ready for use.


While not a dramatic difference, it makes the shower functional.  And that’s huge.


Well, almost usable.  Shower curtains are in order.  I ordered these 96 inch shower curtain liners and got them on Thursday, but I’ll get to those in a second.  Here’s the bare shower after grout with the stainless steel shower pan:


And the grouted floors.


And here’s the shower now:


For the pretty tile to be the star, I wanted a super simple, low profile curtain hanging system.  One that didn’t use a tension rod or drilling into the marble tile.  I think we accomplished that, and for about 25 bucks!  We started with three heavy-duty eye hooks, screwed into the tongue and groove ceiling, as close to the walls and post as possible.


Then we strung a galvanized steel wire rope (30 cents per foot at Home Depot) through, along with a curtain clip (I used two sets, but wished I had gotten two more to bunch the curtain tighter).  Clamps hold the wire rope in place.  We decided to keep a clip inside the loop, so the curtain would always stay close to the wall.


More curtain clips and a clamp on the other end.


At the corner, we pulled the wire rope tightly through.


I know I’m not the only one looking for an extra long curtain, so here are my opinions on these.  After reading product reviews, I worried the curtain wouldn’t be completely waterproof, but they are.  Vinyl curtains drive me nuts because they aren’t washable, but this fabric is.  Which is a big plus.  Decent looking material, too.  The description said it has a weighted bottom, but it’s just a rope sewn along the bottom.  Regardless, I had to hem the curtain a few inches to allow it to hang without pooling and bunching.


After sewing along the bottom, I make a pocket on each end for stainless steel washers to tuck in.  Unfortunately, after using the shower, these weren’t heavy enough to hold the curtain with the convection current the shower created.  But they do make the curtain hang nicely when open.  So, I’m on to plan b, suction cups.  Wish the shower pan was magnetic!


In other small news, I found these wooden drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby.  At $2 each, I thought they would make cute hand towel hooks.  A tight-fitting anchor in the wall worked perfectly to hang these dudes.


I love how the wood picks up the branch color of the towels.  And adds a slight touch of warmth to the dark walls.


We’re still missing a vanity, but we’re all so happy with the progress.  Even the boys; they said black and white are their favorite colors.  Such funny opinions.

25 thoughts on “Minor Tweaks, Big Impact

  1. Ohhh, that’s just divine! I’m looking forward to finding out how you solve the shower curtain weight problem, because that’s one of my pet peeves too!

    1. Hi Lets Just Build a House!

      Why thank you! Ben and I each have our own suggestions and I’m so happy we were able to put them together. We’re both so happy with the progress and look.


  2. I really like how everything is turning out!!
    Is there any other place that you could hang your towels?
    The beam is soo beautiful that it seems a shame to cover it with towels…

    1. Hi Esther!

      Thank you so, so much! So happy you like the bathroom progress. 🙂 Unfortunately, the beam is the best place to hang shower towels. We can still see the top and bottom with towels on, but it’s so convenient there. The other option is along the back wall, but I’ve got something art up there… I know what you’re saying, though.


  3. Hi! great job but sooo complicated system for the shower curtain. My parents had a similar dilemma and my dad and I found a shower rod which is a telescopic bar in an L shape. Ok, it’s plastic but you don’t drill any holes and it’s quite big. The vinyl curtains are washable as well, at least mine is.

    1. Hi Ioana!

      It might seem more complicated than necessary, but we’re realy happy with how minimal it looks. We didn’t want to draw attention to a curtain rod, so this is super sleek and works perfectly. I’m happy to hear you’ve been able to wash your vinyl curtains. I guess the ones I’ve had have cracked or just haven’t come clean.


  4. Thank you for the tutorial! I had the same idea but was concerned it wouldn’t work. Now I know it will !!! I love the light airy feeling your system provides, gonna try it myself. Btw, love the marble:)

  5. I’m wanting to do this in my bath. I bought an old farmhouse and put trough in the bath for a tub. I don’t want to hang the pipe for a shower rod. I’m a bit confused on the part of the tutorial that talks about holding the wire to hook. “Then we strung a galvanized steel wire rope (30 cents per foot at Home Depot) through, along with a curtain clip (I used two sets, but wished I had gotten two more to bunch the curtain tighter). Clamps hold the wire rope in place. We decided to keep a clip inside the loop, so the curtain would always stay close to the wall.” I’ve looked closely at the picture but can’t grasp it in my mind. Can you give a few more details. Thanks

    1. Kathy, I am also confused about the same portion of the tutorial, when you say clamps do you mean the ones actually holding the curtains or am I missing something in the initial placement of the EYE hooks? This is a great look that I am going to try to duplicate on my back porch for protection from the sun and rain on one side of my porch that is not blocked from sunlight.

      1. Hi Terri,

        The clamps are different, they’re the metal pieces holding the doubled back piece of cable that creates the loop through the eye hook. They’re available right along with the cable, so check those out.


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