Welcome to the Jungle

I’ve been on a serious plant kick lately.  Mostly because I’ve kept several alive and that has given me a reason to branch out.  I’ve had this Aloe plant for three or four years, making it the easiest plant to own in the world.


My succulents are thriving.  Again, it doesn’t take much effort.  In fact, they’re better when left alone.


Even my little Norfolk Pine has fresh green tips.


If I surround myself in lush green house plants, it’s almost like winter isn’t happening.  Last week, I saw Home Depot had 10 inch tropical plants on sale for $9.88.  Sold and sold!  I spotted a Big Leaf Philodendron and took it home.  I still have to find the perfect planter and place, but I love this huge dude.


My what big leaves you have!  They’re not kidding when they call it ‘Big Leaf.’


And I thought the Fiddle Leaf Fig had big leaves.


The Fig has found a home in the living room, seemingly happy basking in the bright sun.  I found mealybugs on it a few weeks ago, but learned rubbing alcohol kills them.  To get in the small crevices to kill the eggs (eew), I sprayed it twice daily with 1 part rubbing alcohol and 2 parts water.  So far, the little buggers haven’t returned to feast.


And that little one on the table was three bucks at Home Depot.  It’s a Peperomia and has sprouted three new leaves in the month or so I’ve had it.

The plant cart has a few additions too, since the tulips have bloomed and died back.  My cabbage (looking rather scraggly without the lower leaves) and Christmas Cactus have a sad orchid (clearance find, hope I can nurse it back to health) and a colorful Croton.


Low light plants are harder to find, but this Philodendron and Climbing Aloe have been happy for a while now.


The way the Philodendron leaves unfurl is really interesting.


My tiny snake plant is going strong, too. I hear these things are nearly impossible to kill, but I’ll be the judge of that.


Do you have a favorite houseplant?  Something easy and low maintenance I can add to my growing collection?

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle

  1. I started with succulents last year and have kept those alive. This year, I bought a snake plant…I agree with you…we will see.

  2. I have been adding more and more plants to my house too and just bought my first snake plant. I need plants that my cats can’t or won’t eat and the snake plant is perfect. Love all of yours.

  3. Oooh loving all your pretty houseplants!! I love the peperomia, I have one too, I love how easy it is to take care of. We’re finally entering the stage in my house where my toddler will leave my plants alone! Sadly too many plants to him ‘being too curious’ lol – i’m hoping to turn a page and get good houseplant ju ju again! lol

  4. Try a spider plant. They get really full and once in a while you will get new plants shooting out from it (called “spiders”- hence the name). The new shoots can be placed in water to grow roots and then you have a new plant! Very easy to take care of, water once a week and you’re good to go 🙂

    Also, a good fertilizer to put in your watering can is Epsom salts and sugar (1:1). Do that once every month or two and your plants should thrive!

  5. My plants leaves or turning yellow. The plants are planted in the sun in Florida. To much water or not enough water? I love these plants!

    1. Hi Jackie!

      Sorry for the late response, but it sounds like your plants are getting too much water. In my experience, soft, yellow leaves mean too much water while brown, brittle leaves means not enough or too much sun. Good luck!


  6. Swiss cheese plant I think it’s a philodendron the leaves get pretty big Hoya plants take a long time to grow not much watering but when they bloom they are very pretty. Prayer plant.

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