Reader Question: Bathroom Fixtures

When we remodeled the master bathroom, we chose a few less often used products that we hoped we’d love.  But we had back up plans if we didn’t.  Luckily it has all worked out well.


A stainless steel shower pan and countertop.  Skipping a glass wall and using two curtains in place.  Because they’re kind of unusual, we’ve gotten several questions:  What do we think of the stainless?  Is is slick/slippery?  Hard to clean?  Do the curtains actually keep water in?  Is it cold?  Now that we’ve used the bathroom for a few months, I thought I’d give my review.  Here’s how the stainless shower pan typically looks:


It has water spots.  Which would typically bother the crap out of me, but it only half bugs me.  The whole pan gets wet at the same time, so it’s more uniform than little droplets.  We’re testing out stainless steel cleaners to find one we’re happy with.  So far, we haven’t found the one.


I’ve used mineral oil on the countertop, and it shines like a new quarter.


If I didn’t have to worry about the slickness, I’d use it on the shower, too.  I’m afraid it’d make the pan slick and greasy.  Any stainless cleaners you love?  Overall, we’re really happy with the stainless function and wipeability.  But it’d be nice to get rid of the water spots, even on the brushed nickel faucet.


A few scratches are on the counter, but they’re barely noticeable and just give it character.


As for the shower curtains, they work really well to keep the water in.  It’s really not much different from the main bathroom tub/shower combo with a curtain in that regard.  The only difference is that we have to use a suction cup/plastic loop combo to keep the convection current from pushing the curtains in.


I think the reason we have this problem is because our curtain is only two inches from the ceiling, the heat can’t escape quickly.  Thus sucking the bottom in.  Unlike the tub, there’s nothing for the curtain to cling to either.  We have a suction cup with a hook at each corner and I sewed plastic rings to each end to keep the curtains taught while in use.  It’s annoying to have the added step, but still better than having to keep a glass wall spot free in my book.  If only the stainless were magnetic, we could drop little magnets in pockets to keep it closed.

As for the cold factor, the curtains do a decent (not great, but good) job keeping the shower heat in.  Once the curtain is open though, even a crack, it’s freezing.  Overall, we’re very happy with the updated bathroom.  Now if we could just get a good stainless cleaner or polish.

6 thoughts on “Reader Question: Bathroom Fixtures

  1. Barkeepers friend, is the best! A little goes a long way. Rinse and dry countertops with old towel to “buff.” Drying with towel not necessary for the shower basin.

  2. I love the style of your bathroom. Maybe adhering a magnetic strip to the shower basin would work — then you could use little magnets in the pockets! but then again, maybe adhesive in a shower is counter-intuitive.

  3. Use a thick paste made of baking soda and white vinegar, adding more vinegar as necessary. It will bubble pretty violently, but it isn’t toxic, it won’t scratch and it will work on both the shower pan and the fixture.

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