Giveaway Winner & Etsy Favs: April

Hope you’ve all had a marvelous spring!  Warmer weather is such a nice change.  I’ve started adding plants to our nearly lifeless yard, even.  Winning.  On the subject of winning, we’ve got the Easy, Tiger giveaway wrapped up.


Norma, you’ve got a $50 credit to spend on anything at the Easy, Tiger shop coming your way.  Congrats!!

Large Brass Umbrella Dish from The White Pepper

Cloud Bread Board at Snug Studio

Colorado Landscape Painting by John Kline Artwork

Pyrite Necklace at Michabella

Mighty Asterisk Wooden Game from Siam Collection

Custom Braille Necklace at Leigh Luna

Have a great weekend!  See you back on Monday, hopefully with an update on the thrifted couch.

One thought on “Giveaway Winner & Etsy Favs: April

  1. Our change collector recently broke during our move, and that upside down umbrella would be the cutest replacement! But … I think my hubby might nix a $40 price tag for something that’s just going to hold our spare pennies! 😀 It’s incredibly cool though!

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