Orange You Glad

I bought an orange sofa?  Seventies sofa, welcome to my 70’s home.


When paired with exposed studs and insulation, it makes for a really beautiful, somewhat industrial look.  Ha, couldn’t keep a straight face for that ridiculous claim.  However, the sofa does have good bone structure.  That’s where the good qualities end.  Also similar to our house when we bought it.


Both back legs have huge scuffs and scratches.


While ugly, the orange upholstery is seriously dirty – beyond a deep cleaning.


I’m not exactly sure what fabric and color I want.  Just have to see what the fabric gods send me.  I do know I’ll sand the frame to make repairs (tighten up the joints) and stain the wood.


Oh that open back.  Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a giant headache to recover.  For only $20, I couldn’t leave without this piece.


In other sofa news, the mid-century bench is living in our bedroom.  In other, other sofa news, we returned the Rachael.  Despite her good looks, she wasn’t comfortable, especially for six-foot tall Ben.  Turns out what’s comfortable for a few minutes at the store isn’t the same as a few hours at home.


What good is an uncomfortable couch?  We moved the Dana in and so far, she’s better.  Perhaps a new leather sofa is in the cards.

11 thoughts on “Orange You Glad

    1. Hi Trina!

      I think it’s a good find, too. 🙂 And yes, we’re bummed the Rachael didn’t work, but we’d rather not be stuck with something we can’t/don’t use. We’re researching leather couches to see what’s available locally. That’s the tricky part here.

  1. $20 is incredible for that sofa!! If I felt like I could successfully and affordably recover a sofa, there are tons of vintage ones on craigslist that are often free that I would snap up immediately. That orange is better than some of the fabrics I’ve seen on some of these. Check out this beauty! The fabric is so odd it’s almost worth keeping as a conversation piece… almost!

    My parents have two couches that they inherited from my grandmother that are the most comfortable things I’ve ever sat on and in near mint condition. If I could somehow rework it to have exposed wood legs instead of a skirt and recover it with something other than the beige and white grid pattern it currently has… but the time, effort, and skill just seems like too much. 😛

  2. She has such beautiful lines. Once you get some pretty fabric on her, you can line that baby with bright pillows. If you decide not to stain, the legs would look kinda nice a bright white or a grey. At $20 for this, if you can’t upholster it, you could afford to get it done for the price it might take you to get a new one!

  3. Its amazing – love those lines !! So happy your bough it 🙂 A stripe fabric would be awesome and also super annoying to recover, hate when that happens 🙂 Again great find!

  4. Nice find! I’m sure it’ll look lovely reupholstered.
    I’m going to sound like a crazy person, but is there any way to straighten out the cord of your entry way chandelier? It seems distracting in photos, but perhaps not in person.
    Good luck on the sofa!

  5. I’m still pulling for a leather sofa! Love, love, love that vintage sofa score. Maybe a velvet? It even looks like something you could tackle yourself.

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