Make it Bigger

Some recent projects lately haven’t been of the super fun and exciting variety.  Changing out the front door was a huge change that greatly impacts the look and feel of the space.  Trimming it out didn’t take much time, but it’s the icing on the cake.  That finishing touch.


Using a 12 inch tall header for stability, it was a funky space to trim.  After discussing our options – decorative door trim with simple casement around the window, one straight trim piece across – we chose to make the window and door look like a set.


Craftsman style trim along the top (to match the other windows and doors) with casement around the door and window, all painted white.  Leaving the gap between sheet rock looks more interesting than a solid, flat trim piece.  Painting the door frame white lets it all flow together.


The warm wood door is in great shape, so we’re leaving it for contrast.


Only window on the front of the house finished.  Ten more to go!


Living and dining gridded windows exempt, the windows were all original to the house.  Most in poor shape so that’s this summer’s big task.  We swapped the office window this weekend.  Fogged between the two pieces of glass, it clearly had seen better days.


Since the new dining window and office nearly meet at the corner, we made the office window 8 inches closer to the floor to match height.


First a bigger hole:


Then the larger window to let in more light.


Projects that make a big difference (hey, we can open the window!) but isn’t exactly nice to look at yet.  Gotta get out my white paint.

8 thoughts on “Make it Bigger

  1. It looks amazing! Well done! It must add so much light to the space. Have you thought about either painting the railings white or even replacing them with glass? I love seeing your improvements.

    1. Thanks, Meghan! I would love to replace the railing! I very briefly considered painting it, but it’s in perfect condition with a thick, shiny finish coat. Basically, it’d take eons to sand down to paint. Instead, I’d rather pull it out, haul the pieces to ReStore, and get something we love. Glass would be awesome, but probably covered with little hand prints. We’ve tossed out the idea of a cable rail system to keep it light and open. Not quite sure yet, but something will happen…eventually. 🙂

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