Au Natural

For the past two years, the hall bathroom has looked like this:


White and light gray walls with a bold blue vanity and coral accents.  While I love how fun, happy, and bold it is, I’m feeling the need to change.


More recently, I’ve been drawn to natural colors and elements; rustic woods, earth tones, leafy greens, plants and botanicals.  This bathroom doesn’t have any of those pieces.  Nor does it have the same feel as some of the more recently finished rooms.


To make it flow better, I’ve got a few simple ideas that will change the vibe.  Leaving the walls alone, I can still infuse nature and color.


A quart of paint can easily cover the vanity in a new color.  I’ve got scrap wood in the garage I could use to make boxes or picture frames.


Just yesterday, I found a really neat vintage wooden crate free by the road.  We’ve needed a lower toilet paper bin for a while, so the shelf doesn’t get scuffed pulling it out.  This character rich crate is the perfect piece with a few felt pads on the bottom.


To complete the quick refresh, I’d love to paint the vanity a warm mossy/evergreen.  Something with plenty of color, but still slightly muted.  A few new bins and baskets for added function would be nice, too.  On the large wall, I’m debating between one large botanical style piece or three (maybe even a grid of six) smaller nature prints.  Maybe a plain white shower curtain?  Not sure on that yet.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to start on it this weekend, now that this crazy week is almost over.  Last week of school paired with another exciting event is a lot to handle in such a short time.  Getting back to normal feels really nice right now.

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