Somethings to Love

After sharing things we don’t love about this house, I thought it would be nice to tell a few of the things we wouldn’t change.  Not even for a million dollars.  Hands down, the property; location, neighborhood, privacy, schools, and views.  More than anything, this is what attracted us to this house.


We can see several mountain ranges out the front.


Ever changing weather:

And seasons.  It’s really amazing and such a treat to watch, we’re still beyond excited about this two years later.


The back is tequally wonderful, but in a different way.  We’ve got a steep hillside that come with its own challenges, but there’s abundant wildlife. Mule deer, rabbits, birds, Red Tailed Hawks, rock chucks, even a beautiful fox.  Even better, the back is almost completely secluded.  No houses behind, just one on the side.


Inside, we love the bright, light filled rooms.  With the entire front facing south, we’ve got tons of natural light throughout the seasons.



An open floor plan is perfect for entertaining and general living with young kids.  It’s so easy to see where they are and what the need help with/are fighting about.  The front entry, living, and dining rooms all flow together.  Along the back, the hall, family room, breakfast nook, kitchen, and office are an open space.  Eventually, when we remodel the kitchen, we’ll open up the wall between the kitchen and front dining room to make a much more open concept space.



Large outdoor decks are wonderful, too.  We usually use the back deck because it gets a lot of shade.


It seems strange, but another thing that really drew us to this house was how little it had been improved.  It kind of gave us a blank slate to work with to make it our own.

Those big items are impossible to change, and everyday we are happy with our decision to move.  This is our dream house.  Actually, we never even dreamed we’d own such an amazing home.  Even if it is a big work in progress.  Of course there are little delights, too.  Like the abundant closet space, cozy built ins, a main fireplace.  Heck, with every dirty project I’m thankful for a big utility sink in the garage.  If you ever have the option to put one in, do it and thank me later.  Haha, you don’t have to thank me, but you’ll be happy you did.

What do you love most about your home?  Something you changed?  Or something you’d never be able to change, like a location?

8 thoughts on “Somethings to Love

  1. You know, there are a lot of things I’d change about my house but if we hadn’t bought it, we wouldn’t have been able to adopt our animals when they needed us. So glad we bought it when we did!

  2. I love the privacy, location, and view that I have at my house. There are plenty of things I don’t like about the house but those 3 things trump the bad things. We’ve been here a year and are gearing up for a big remodel so that hopefully we can fix all the things that are broken or just need updating.

  3. We’ve also got a 70s split, and we’ve come to love it more than we ever thought we would, for similar reasons. We love the openness of our main living/kitchen area, and we’re in a great neighborhood that close to stores. We get lots of light and…oh, you said links. Here–I wrote a really long post a few years back about why we love our split in the burbs: 🙂

    So much fun to read about what someone else is doing with a similar house.

    1. Hi Rita!

      I wasn’t sure how I’d feel living in a split level after a ranch, but it’s so nice. We get a lot of open rooms because of that. So glad you love your split, too. 🙂


  4. The one thing that made me regret our home purchase just moved away. 😉 (unfortunately for the people in the CONDO allotment that he moved to…he truly is an awful person to have for a neighbor).

    I love our home because it is just the right size for our needs (1328 sq ft for 5 of us), we’ve worked over the last 10 years to make it OURS (including gutting and rebuilding the kitchen in 2007), and the school system is awesome. Plus, we have our pets, and that makes everything better. 🙂

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