Off With the Old

Our siding is ugh-lee.  Blue siding, soffit, and fascia without any detailing to add character.


Only peeling brick moulding around the windows and doors.  Some areas had been patched with cedar, but never got a coat of stain.  A few lucky areas didn’t even get that far and are still bare sheeting.


Regardless, we have always planned to replace the drafty windows and dated siding.  Finally, the garage end is almost (so close!) ready for new siding.  Of course, it can’t be a quick process.  Oh no, everything is more difficult because we’re super insulating the house.  Layering the outside with four inches of polyiso insulation, we’ve got a few more steps than usual to get things finished.  First, Ben pulled off the old siding, leaving behind pockets of dead bugs.


So gross, but the boys had a blast knocking the bugs off.  Then the tar paper comes off and we (really Ben because I’m just his helper/tool handler on these projects) replaced the windows.


The window in the boys’ room was fogged up because the seal broke.


Outside wasn’t looking any better; peeling paint and rotting wood isn’t worth keeping.


We still have to trim out around the windows, but seeing through and opening a window, what a novel idea!


Wrapping the house takes longer, but it made a big difference in heating and cooling our old house.

To add the insulation, Ben adds two layers of 2″ thick foam panels.  Typically used on flat roofs of commercial buildings, we found these on Craigslist to reuse.  Along the top, bottom, and around windows and doors he adds 2 by 4 boards to attach plywood sheeting over.  Then the plywood is nailed in place and screwed into the house studs.  The last layer before siding is a water proof wrap.


The back of the house and pool house are ready for siding.


To break up long expanses, the bottom part of the front and garage sides will be covered with corrugated steel.  It rusts over time and will add a lot of warmth and rustic interest.  The rest will be lap siding we’ll paint a medium dark gray (to the right of the door below).


Over the weekend, we finished the wrapping on the garage end and have only the white weather wrap to do.


Though still ugly, we’re headed toward the finish line.  This is one marathon we’re certainly ready to finish.  I’m sure our neighbors are ready, too.

2 thoughts on “Off With the Old

  1. Whoa!! You guys are brave! Do you have an inspiration pic? I can’t picture how the new siding will look and would be terrified to put something up that would rust and potentially change the whole look of the house!

    1. Hi Liz!

      There are actually a few homes and buildings in town that have the rust steel siding as elements and that’s what made us consider it. Here’s a home with rusted panels and gray shakes:—New-Residence-contemporary-exterior-other-metro It’s slightly different than our plan, but it shows the rust really nicely. And here’s a house with steel (not rust) on architectual elements similar to our plan: I’m excited to see it and hope it works out like I have planned. 🙂


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