Thrifted Thursday

Thrift shopping is like the famous Forrest Gump quote, “like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”  More items than not are simply someone’s unwanted junk, but among the trash are some real gems.  As a frequent shopper and bargain addict, I’ve been helping a friend find some good deals for her new house.  Here are the things that caught my attention, but we passed up.  A large brass lamp for six bucks, which I pointed out would be impossible for her toddler to break, but she’s just not a brass lover.


She wasn’t in love with the plaid, and instead of hoarding yet another chair, I thought of the look I’d get from Ben if I brought it home with me.


Now, this fabric is really busy, but I loved the lines on this 100 dollar sofa.  Not sure what it’d cost to reupholster, but it was super comfy.


Honestly, I didn’t consider this gigantic coffee table, but the sheer size was interesting.  Couch for scale, of course.


More and more lately, I’m drawn to ugly lamps, like this squatty brown one.  With the right shade, in the right space, I think he’d be darling.


While browsing the books, I spotted a set of Life Nature Library, complete with the most adorable designs on the back covers.  That alone was almost enough to make me walk out with these, but I passed.


However, I have found several items for myself recently, including an oversized ugly lamp.  For only $4, it was totally worth it to buy a clean white shade to pair with it.


Of course the ugly lamp obsession couldn’t stop there, I had to get this handsome man for six bucks-pun alert!


Clearly this one can benefit from a new shade, but I’ll have to track down the perfect one.


To house my ever-growing plant collection, I picked up a few planters, too.  This blue crackle beauty set me back six dollars, and looks perfect paired with a blackeye Susan on our back step.


The big leaf Philodendron in our living room needed a bigger pot to continue to grow, so this brass lion head is keeping it safe.


With my friend’s approval, I’ve snagged her a few pieces of furniture, including this marble-topped coffee table.  The X base is real wood, but the edge detailing is wood looking plastic, so I gave it a fresh black finish before sending it off to live with her.


Just last week, she approved this Drexel dresser, but the wood veneer has seen better days.  Because I’m the best friend ever (ha!) and love a project, I’m going to spruce it up with paint, too.


You know, shopping for someone else is equally satisfying, but very nice to my wallet.  It’s a win-win because she gets furniture, I get to shop and tackle a project.  Not too shabby.  Any amazing finds you’ve snagged recently?

4 thoughts on “Thrifted Thursday

  1. Love this post! (The lamps are not really ugly…) I have a lion that looks like the ones at the Imperial Palace in Beijing–$3 and I think it’s awesome!

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