Mini Halloween Haunted Houses

I’m assuming most kids love decorating for holidays, Halloween included.  My boys certainly do and hounded me to start decorating as soon as the calendar turned to October.  The bats from last year were a favorite so they’re back.


To change it up a bit, we varied the pattern, the boys standing back telling me to go higher, lower, left, or right.  Setting the fake crows around was a big hit with them, too.


On the lamp, even one on the door handle.


I surprised them after school with a new decoration, a street of mini haunted houses on the entry shelf.


Using scrap 2 x 4 and 2 x 6, I cut small house shapes, then attached tiny chimneys of scrap strips.


Once spray painted black, white, and gray, I used Sharpies to add details like windows, doors, and shingles.


Ev’s mini food/critter obsession came in handy and he placed pumpkins outside each door and birds perched on rooftops and around trees.


Small twigs are hot glued to a thin MDF strip to look like dead trees, bight green moss around the bases to hide the glue.



In years past, we’ve gotten two trick-or-treaters so I don’t care to go all out decorating.  Instead, just enough to make the boys happy.  Since the houses are a hit, maybe I’ll make another set for Christmas.  How do you decorate for seasons?  All out or just a splash in high traffic areas?

One thought on “Mini Halloween Haunted Houses

  1. Love those houses. This year I’ve done more decorating for Halloween as my grandson is really excited about it. I did a lot of crafty things with dollar store and thrift store finds. I must say I really enjoyed it. Cheers

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