Halloween, We’re Ready

I’m not sure how it happens, but every year Halloween sneaks up on me.  For the past month, the boys have talked about their costumes.  E requested a cloud with rain.


I had every intention of sewing his costume, but didn’t have enough white fabric on hand.  In the spirit of Tim Gunn, I “made it work” by using a sheet of foam core to create two identical cloud shapes.  Fabric scraps connect the two sides, making it a sandwich board style.  Paper rain drops hang from thin fishing line below.  Before Halloween, I need to paint a rainbow to add, because that’s what the little man wants.

V, the crazy kid, wanted to be a battery. Seriously, this kid comes up with some of the most un-kid things.  Credit card at 3, then a stop light, and a Rubik’s cube.  A battery fit in perfectly.


Ben saved me a box big enough for V to fit in.  I wrapped the bottom of the box with two sheets of black poster board (from the dollar store) to get the general idea.  Two sets of paper cut Duracell letters are attached with double-sided tape, and white out to write ‘alkaline battery’ below.  For the terminals, I pulled two different sized canning lids and hot glued them on top.  I suppose I should cut arm holes, but it was a fun costume to put together.

Decorating our entry was just as fun.  E helped me tape paper bats and rats to the walls.  Michael’s clearance several years ago, but we made a few more to fill in.


He made a few custom creations, too.  Can you spy his bat in the picture above?  Later on, he added a witch on a broomstick:


Decorations pop against the white wood wall.


A few dollar store crows sit on the shelf along with rubber rats that the boys especially love.  We found the skull in the back while exploring, so I painted it gold and set it out.


Somehow, a bird got trapped inside a lantern.


Decorating with kids is so funny.  The little things that excite them cracks me up.  Who knew rubber mice could be so hilarious?!  Little boys, that’s who.

4 thoughts on “Halloween, We’re Ready

  1. I love how your bats look! I must try to remember to do something like this (including the birds and rats for next year). I think we might even try to cut out some bats this afternoon….we can enjoy them for the remainder of the week, at least. Looks great!

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