A Weekend of Difference

Whew, I’m exhausted today.  Over the weekend we knocked out several projects.  First, I scraped the popcorn off our ceiling.  This is my second go round, so I knew what to expect and followed the same steps as before.  Being home alone, I couldn’t move our big bed out of the room completely.  So I pushed all the furniture to that end of the room.  A layer of plastic protected everything, then I covered the floors and doors.


Scraping went quickly.  With one half done, I cleaned up the floor and pushed the furniture to the other end.  Repeat same process.  I learned something from my last session: when you reach a seam, scrape with it, not against.  If you go against, you could catch the tape and cause unnecessary damage.

Speaking of unnecessary damage, someone patched an area near the light fixture.  Even with the popcorn, the patch was noticeable.


I’ve got that spot, a crack, and small nail holes to fill and smooth before I can prime and paint.  I accidentally peeled the mesh tape off when the mud was wet, hence the hole.  So I have at least two more coats to go here.


It doesn’t seem like it’d make a big difference, but it’s nice to see a smooth ceiling.  Over the weekend, Ben spray textured the recently wallpaper free wall to match the other two.  With that dry, we trimmed out the rest of the room, windows, and doors.


Clearly, I have plenty of priming and painting in my future.


Our other walls are heavily orange peel textured, unfortunately.  At least the three painted walls with match.


While we had texture going, we finished the knock down in the dining room.  I’ll share more on that process soon.  I’m so close to having a painted bedroom I can taste it.  Or that’s sticky caulking on my thumb as I lick off chocolate.  Doesn’t matter, our bedroom is seeing real, noticeable progress.

2 thoughts on “A Weekend of Difference

  1. The view out your bedroom doors looks fantastic. So much un-fun stuff to do before reaching the rewarding end – it will be wonderful for you to have that done.

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