Framebridge Art

As we make progress on the basement remodel, I’m getting closer to working on the details and smaller accessories.  This is my favorite part, as it’s when character, personality, and depth are added.  With all the new wall space we’ll have, I’m excited to get a few pieces out of storage, but there are a few smaller strips of wall in need of art.  Enter, stage left, Framebridge.


I’m always on the search for good deals, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Though I love low prices, I don’t want to sacrifice quality.  This is why I love to DIY and thrift, because many of those pieces have withstood decades of abuse and are still standing.  Even when it comes to smaller, decorative elements, I like to have quality whenever possible.  These frames certainly deliver in the quality department.


Unlike other custom framing options, these frames didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.  Framebridge offers the option of printing photos from Instagram, or they’ll send you a prepaid mailer to send in the art you already have.  How great is that?!


Knowing I wanted a few smaller pieces, I selected two of my favorite Instagram photos, both scenes from Montana.  After looking through the 31 frame options, I landed on the Cairo burl frame because I wanted a wooden frame.  Honestly, I was concerned about the print quality simply because both shots were taken with my iPhone and could easily look grainy.  When I opened the package (free shipping, by the way) I was pleasently surprised by the photo quality, clarity, and vibrancy of color.


The mat is thick and beefy.  And the burl wood is exactly the warmth I had envisioned.  If I were being super nit-picky, my only complaint, and it’s a very small one, is that the burl doesn’t wrap around the sides.  It’s not a big deal, because the sides are a wood of the same tone.


Because I jumped the gun on ordering, these little guys will float around the house until the basement is ready.


I love displaying travel photos, and this small landscape pairs perfectly with the large painting on the mantel.  Look how similar the colors are:


I’m excited to have a reliable, affordable custom framing option for future use.  It’s better when you’re not required to leave the house to get something like this done, even for large scale art.

One thought on “Framebridge Art

  1. Lovely! The colors do look really great, which has been my concern. I have a picture of my son and my Dad that would be perfect for Framebridge, though- we just moved to Germany and I thought it would be nice to order and send it to my Dad as a surprise gift since we took his grandson to another continent!

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