Craigslist Dresser Score

In some ways, having a large-ish bedroom is nice, but the long layout is a little difficult to put to practical use.  For the last two or so years, we’ve had this mid-century bench against the wall opposite the bed.


It was fine, but we never hang out in our bedroom, sitting on a bench.  Mostly, the bench was a perch for a basket of clean, folded laundry before putting it away.  Over the last few years, I’ve been passively searching for the perfect dresser for this spot.  Something simple, with straight lines, at least six drawers, five or more feet long, and not crazy mid-century looking.  Something I could paint without feeling guilty, if necessary but a good wood tone was preferable.  Not having to refinish was an added bonus.

At long last, the search ended when I spied a dresser on Craigslist that checked each criteria box, listed at $300.  After a little arm twisting, Ben agreed to look at it with me to give his approval and help load, should he like it as much as I did.


Based on the fact that the dresser is in our bedroom, you can guess how that went.  It’s a vintage Kroehler and included a matching mirror.  Since we already have a large standing mirror in the room, I’m saving it to use above the basement bathroom vanity as I’ve done in our main bathroom.

Back to the dresser, I adore the simple detailing on the drawers.


The handles, well, I’m on the fence how I feel about those.  I mean, they’re fine and original to the dresser with a great shape, but the inside detail isn’t my favorite.  I don’t know, maybe a quick polish would help things?


That burl strip along the top is a lovely little detail.


Having two different widths of drawers breaks up the design nicely, but is also practical for storage purposes.


To add a lighter, taller element to this side of the room, I set the Schoolhouse Electric knock off white and linen lamp off to the side along with a stack of white books.  A crystal covered rock the boys found sits atop the stack for small sparkle.  I’m sure I’ll continue to change things around, but it’s a start.


Unlike the deeper bench, the 19 inch depth is perfect in this kind of walkway area.  Of course, it’s far more functional, offering storage for out of season clothes as well.


Having a little display area is stupidly exciting to me.  My only concern was how the dresser was going to look in such close proximity to the somewhat similar bathroom vanity.  Are they too similar?  Fortunately, I’m digging the look with the peek into the bathroom.


Eventually, hopefully sooner than later, I want to hang a 30 by 40 inch Emily Jeffords print above to round out the grouping.


Back when I ordered it, I intended for it to go above the bed in the future basement bedroom.  But I love it so much, the colors and size are perfect for our bedroom, so I’ve decided to enjoy waking up to it every morning.  Naturally, I taped it to the wall to see how it all works together and I’m quite pleased.


Now to figure out my framing situation and get it done.


After a little bargaining, Ben negotiated the price down to $240 and we’re all happy.  And that’s the tale of the Kroehler dresser coming into our lives.

4 thoughts on “Craigslist Dresser Score

  1. If you change your mind on the pulls, send them my way! I wish I could find less expensive mid century furniture on Craig’s List….to go with my house. Oh well.

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