Basement Progress: Theater Room

Throughout the basement remodel, I’ve shared pictures of the progression of the rooms.



What started out as one long, L shaped room has been divided into two spaces.


Room by room, we’re trying to check things off the to do list.


In the first photo, the window on the left is now a bedroom, while the right is a theater/hangout space.


After a full gut and rebuild, we just moved furniture in this week.  Carpet went in a few weeks ago, and it’s so plush it feels like walking on clouds.  Since this is a space mostly for serious movie/tv watching, I painted the walls Jasper by Sherwin Williams, a deep, dark green.  A reclining sofa, which isn’t the most beautiful, but is comfortable sits along the back wall.


Everything else is furniture I’ve saved after replacing it in different rooms, so I’m sure things will change.  Until then, for additional seating that’s easy to move, a pair of leather sling chairs sit against one wall.


Currently, the wall across from those chairs is blank, until we bring back a club chair from storage.  Black out curtains will be hung as soon as I find curtain rods.


An added bonus of the darks walls is that the big tv and speakers fade away, nearly blending in rather than being big eyesores.


When planning the new basement layout, we decided to make this space one that could be considered a legal bedroom.  Behind that door is a storage space that is also Ben’s reloading man cave.  Because of that closet door, we had to hang the tv off centered.


Whenever it’s a priority, we’ll build an L shape cabinet to anchor the tv and provide storage for dvds, blankets, and anything else.

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