Lingering Little To Dos

Over the course of the last four years, we’ve updated every room in this house as well as our outdoor spaces.  Pool house not included, as that is serving as a personal warehouse of building materials until we have time to finish it off.

Most rooms are completely functional, minus the basement bathroom that currently sits showerless.  Despite functionality, we’re solid 95 percenters, as I like to say.  With as many big projects to tackle as we have, it’s easy, too easy, to get side tracked and move onto the next task.  So, there are little unfinished tasks throughout the house.  All are purely cosmetic, which means they’re low on the priority list until we wrap up the basement remodel.  Ironically, most of these are quick fixes and wouldn’t take even a weekend to finish.

Replacing the cracked, stained beige entry tile with beautiful slate is on the to do list.  Removal, laying the tile, and grouting should be a weekend task.  I’m just dreading the dust storm that removal will create.


In the living room, our entertainment center is still without doors, and I’m greatly regretting painting the backs yellow.  We’ve gone back and forth on how we want to handle air and sound flow that isn’t an option with solid wood.  Fabric and perforated metal insets are the top contenders.


Directly across from there is where I’d love to have a wall to wall window seat with bookshelves on either side.  I’ve nailed down my plan, so the hardest part is out of the way-haha.


Over in the dining room, I had started patching the hole from the previously off centered light fixture, but still haven’t finished sanding and painting.


A quick addition of thin trim along the top of the bar hutch will finish it off, covering the small gap along the ceiling.


In the kitchen, I’d love to add vertical dividers above the double ovens to store and divide cutting boards and baking sheets.  Right now, they’re stacked up in the drawer below.


A pesky, improperly installed can light hangs down in the family room.  The housing isn’t screwed into place in the attic, so the insert can’t go completely in.  It wouldn’t take long to fix, but climbing in the hot, dusty attic isn’t high on our to do list right now.


In addition to wanting cabinet doors on the entertainment center, I’d like to add a set covering the wood storage area next to the fireplace.  When full, it’s a dirty mess that may be easier to contain behind closed doors.


While the back deck is finished, we still have to run wiring and install two outdoor sconces on either side of the pool house door.  Until then, we have holes with insulation stuffed inside.


Rooms on the sleeping side of the house are more finished.  No unfinished parts in either bathroom, the guest room or the boys’ bedroom.  A simple addition of a bench at the foot of our bed would fill in the awkward open space and complete the room.


Moral of the story, don’t feel bad if your home isn’t 100% finished.  Ours certainly isn’t, and that’s okay.  Everything is a work in progress, eventually those tasks will be completed, just in time for more I’m sure.

One thought on “Lingering Little To Dos

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have seen most of these areas in previous posts, but had not notice (or you cleverly omitted them). It all still looks really great! It is always interesting and, dare I say, humbling?, to see the behind the scenes of the “perfection” that one is able to capture in a photo. I find it inspiring.

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