The Appeal of Stainless Steel

Nearly three years ago, while researching finishes for our master bathroom remodel, we decided on a stainless steel countertop and shower base.  Stainless isn’t the most commonly used material, but it has performed wonderfully in this room.



Of course, like any material, there are pros and cons.  Stainless is a durable, waterproof, solid surface material that is more affordable than stone (remnants not included).  Unlike granite, marble, and concrete, it doesn’t require a sealant or any maintenance.  However, the shiny finish does show dust easily.



Water spots are another issue, as well as finger prints.


Despite showing everything, cleaning is extremely easy with an E-Cloth or Norwex set.


I use one to clean, then follow-up with a polishing cloth for a streak free shine.  For really stubborn areas, I sprinkle a bit of Bon Ami or Bar Keeper’s Friend on and gently scrub with a damp sponge before wiping away the residue.


That’s all easy, but everyone asks about scratches.  Yes, stainless will scratch, but with normal wear and tear, the scratches are simply on the surface and cannot be felt.  If you have a stainless kitchen sink, take a close look at it.  You’ll see scratches and scuffs, but those don’t negatively affect the function.  Since our master bath isn’t a high traffic space, most of the counter looks new, unlike a hard-working kitchen sink.


After living with and loving our master bath, we decided to use stainless again in our laundry room.  Again, the durability and affordability won.


Not to mention, they look fantastic and provide a great work space that is hard to beat up.


In this higher traffic room, the newer counters already have more scratches than the bathroom.


I fold laundry here, so maybe the buttons, zippers, and rivets on clothes leave scratches behind.  We also store paint supplies and other tools which get pushed around on here.


Scratches and all, we love our stainless and can’t recommend them highly enough.  We’re actually considering more stainless counters for another upcoming remodel.  What can I say, we’re addicts now.

2 thoughts on “The Appeal of Stainless Steel

  1. The stainless steel looks so sleek and modern with the walnut cabinetry in your bathroom. I’m trying to figure out what to use in our cabin bathroom, but I think I’ll need something a bit more rustic than this. Maybe copper?

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