Our Home at Night

We all love seeing photos of beautifully designed, sun drenched homes, right?  I know I’m drawn to those bright, airy spaces that are so often featured in magazines, advertisements, and blogs.

For a few months now, I’ve wanted to share a different approach, featuring night shots to show how cozy a dark home can look.  Honestly, many rooms in our south-facing home do receive a generous dose of sunlight.  But what happens when the sun sinks?  Life still goes on, of course, but rooms don’t lose their beauty without sunlight.

Granted, taking true to life photos that capture the warmth and details is one hundred times more difficult.  Our family room, on the darker north (back) side of the house always feels a bit cozier.


I think it’s a combo of the indirect light, privacy/courtyard feel of the back deck, fireplace, and the surrounding rooms.  Being adjacent to the kitchen certainly feels less formal and more inviting.


Due to the floating furniture arrangement with main walkways around, table or floor lamp cords would pose a tripping hazard.  Instead, we have three different sources of lights; directional can lights above the fireplace, another set angled toward the right wall, and a pair of sconces flanking the door.


A little nook for firewood and family photos is laid back and casual.  How cute would a little lamp look tucked in there?  I may have to make that happen, if I can find a perfect fit.


In the kitchen, a small table and four chairs create a breakfast nook with a vintage globe light above.


In that same area, a built-in hutch cabinet stores pretty dishes and serving pieces, as well as a stocked bar for entertaining.  After I took this photo, I added a set of ceramic house candle holders for a soft, flickering option.


In the main kitchen area, simple recessed can lights shine down on the walnut island centerpiece.


Glass front cabinets are one of my favorite features because the addition of dishes and accessories add character to a utilitarian space.


Our dining room is right off the kitchen, which is where we eat family meals, entertain guests, play games, and do homework.


Finding a light fixture that offered a warm glow was crucial for us, as we wanted a diffused, candle light feel.  In my opinion, bright or downcast lights in a dining room don’t give the ‘come, sit, stay a while’ feel.


As you can see, I need to add another shell over the other picture frame, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this alterative view of our home.

4 thoughts on “Our Home at Night

    1. Hi Becky!

      By no means am I the first person to photograph our home at night. If you’re referring to the A Night In series that Julia and Kim did, I honestly did take these photos a week before they posted about it. I’ve just now had the opportunity to edit, upload, and write a post.


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