A Sweet Side Table

Last week, while walking the boys to school, we walked past a garage sale where a little metal side table caught my attention.  After dropping them at school, I walked back past the sale and stopped in to get a closer look.


I was smitten with the size, shape, and interesting tray like top.  It was covered in a thick, bubbling layer of rust, but for only two dollars, it was worth the risk.


When I got it home, I got to work scraping off the layer with a sturdy metal spatula.  A few corners had rusted more than the rest.


Still, it was clean and the top was as smooth as it was going to get and ready for paint.


Since I loved the character and age, I didn’t want it to look too perfect and new, but it did need a coat.  Black spray paint would have been easy, but I thought it’d be too stark.  Instead, I pulled out the leftover paint from our bathroom, Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron.  What better color to paint a metal table than Wrought Iron?!


I brushed on two coats, starting with the table upside down, then flipping for the second coat.



Once the second coat had dried, I sprayed it down with a few coats of clear matte spray for a more wipeable, durable finish.


Adding a hit of dark makes me happy, but also makes everything on it pop.


Without overhead lighting, I wanted to add another lamp to the room, and this table is a perfect perch.


The lighter table frame balances out the visually heavy sofa.


Across the room, a stump and the floor lamp flank the wood and linen sofa.


Yet another small change toward a finished living room.


But, then I decided to try a different lamp to try to better balance the height of the floor lamp.


Despite loving the white lamp, I think I’m liking the other better.  For now anyway.


It’s a pretty wonderful almost ugly, handmade, signed lamp that gets the attention it deserves out here.


Maybe I’ll tuck a basket of blankets below to really cozy this room up for the fall weather we’re starting to have.

5 thoughts on “A Sweet Side Table

  1. I have to admit I would have never seen the potential. That is one of my favorite things about you, you are thrifty and can makeover the ugliest… Say will that lamp cord get tripped on?

    1. Hi Alison!

      Thank you so much for your comment and sweet compliment. I figure when I fine pieces that are a low enough price, it’s a-okay to take a chance. Glad you like the makeover! We’ve had lamps plugged in there since moving in and it’s rarely a problem. I might try to secure the cord to the leg to keep it as tucked in as possible.


  2. I don’t think I would have waited to come back for that, even if it meant having to carry it to school and back! It looks like it was part of a set of nesting tables. A great find! I like the height and color of the funky handmade lamp.

    1. Hi Peggy!

      It does look like it could have been part of a set, but it was all alone honestly, with as rusted as it was, I wasn’t concerned about anyone else snatching it. Also, I had to go back and get 8 quarters because I didn’t have any cash on me. 😀


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