My Six Pack

No, I’m not talking about those pesky ab muscles that I severely lack, though I’m working on building those.  Instead, here’s a much more fun six-pack build that takes just a few hours.


This little build came about thanks to an upcoming school fundraiser.  Each teacher comes up with a basket theme, then parents are asked to donate things that fit this category.  Movie night is the theme we’re working with, so I wanted to add something that is a little outside the box, while still fitting in.  Thus, the six-pack caddy filled with old style sodas, candy, and popcorn seasoning.

Of course, this can be used in many different ways, so let’s go over the building process.  First, here’s the material/cut list:


We used 5/8 inch thick plywood for the bottom and side pieces and 1/4 inch thick wood strips for the side rails/dividers.  After cutting all the pieces, we did a quick dry fit to make sure it worked.


*I forgot to add the notch spacing to the above drawing.  If you’re using 5/8 thick sides and 1/4 inch thick divider material, the bottle spacing is 2 3/4 inches each.

To assemble, apply a thin bead of glue on one side of the bottom piece and set the side on top, lining the edges up.  Nail in place to secure while working and repeat on the other side.  As long as the dividing grooves are tight, the six part section won’t need glue, just set it in place and carefully nail through the side into the 1/4 inch strip.


Now, attach the side rails, line on up on the bottom, making the divider and rail flush at the top.  We used a scrap strip to determine the spacing and nailed the top rail in place.

Sand everything smooth, paying extra attention to the plywood edges, slightly rounding to soften the sharp corners.  If you want, go ahead and stain and seal the entire piece now, I’ll wait.


Place the galvanized pipe, home improvement stores usually cut and thread when you buy the pipe, through the two drilled holes and secure the ends with pipe caps.


Add a bottle opener to the side, this one is only two dollars from Hobby Lobby, and fill with favorite drinks.


I think these might be my new go to for parties/fundraisers/gifts.  Even without the drinks, how cute would this look with old bottles filled with flowers?!  Or even a cutlery/condiment caddy for outdoor get-together.  Heck, leave it out on the counter as a dual purpose utensil holder; the possibilities are endless.

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